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Hobby by Mind Map: Hobby

1. swimming

1.1. To use leg and arms to make ourselves to move faster in water

2. Picking seashell

2.1. Like:

2.1.1. rare seashells beautiful seashells collections

3. Reading

3.1. To gain more knowledge in your leisure time

3.1.1. Like: Newspaper, story book, etc

4. Collecting antique

4.1. like:

4.1.1. Money stamps coins,etc

5. Playing computer games

5.1. Like:

5.1.1. Dota sudden attack warcraft

6. Playing sports

6.1. Like:

6.1.1. soccer basketball badminton

7. Watch tv or video

7.1. like:

7.1.1. horror movie out ty

7.1.2. comedy movie

7.1.3. romantic movie

8. doing housecleaning

8.1. like:

8.1.1. mopping the floor wash the plates sweeping the floor, ect

9. Chess

9.1. chinese chess

9.1.1. English chess, etc To improve the brain of the people as it need to use brain to think of move to take

10. mobile phone repairing course