Angelica & Destiny call and ask to hang out on a Saturday

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Angelica & Destiny call and ask to hang out on a Saturday by Mind Map: Angelica & Destiny call and ask to hang out on a Saturday

1. I say I can't ):

1.1. I go to the hospital

1.1.1. work my butt off get tired I get cranky don't want to get bothered with kids kids bother me and I am mean kids cry or get sad because they bothered me and I was mean get to feel good about helping others feel a little better about myself

1.2. I stay stuck at home babysitting

1.2.1. I babysit 5 kids I get mad Get depressed for having to be stuck with them I am around these kids to much

1.3. I stay home cleaning and cooking

1.3.1. I don't like it

1.4. End up having to go somewhere with my dad

1.4.1. I have to hear him talk I get annoyed I talk back to my dad & get in trouble I get upset I am mad with the world I get sad I don't talk to my dad

1.4.2. I have to help my dad with things Usually have to be around people I don't know Too lazy to help my dad with things I end up hating my dad

2. I say Yes!

2.1. Who is coming to get me?

2.1.1. Felicia We end up in a fight car crash police gets involved

2.2. What will we do?

2.2.1. Go to a party Eat food talk to people laugh at the drunk people Dance get to party with friends Not come home until after midnight

2.2.2. Hang out with just us girls Prank call people make people mad person finds out who we are and wants to fight us person finds out who we are and wants to hang with us (we don't want to) watch a scary movie I get scared to sleep at night Angelica and Destiny mess with me We do something weird in the middle of the night Sneak Out go cruise around in the middle of the night get pulled over get in trouble for not having a license get grounded pick people up do something very stupid Go to the club I drive there with no license go dance meet people see some friends fight or get in argument

2.3. Who are we going to be with?

2.3.1. Ashlyn Crazy girl Get in trouble in some way brings us someplace were not suppose to be

2.3.2. Vanessa Likes to leave with guys We lose Vanessa get worried

2.3.3. Joey is a pothead could get in trouble for being with him If he gets in trouble with cops so do we

2.3.4. Tina gossip with Tina Get to know whats going on with people get to spend more time with Tina and we could see her kids chill at Tina's house

2.3.5. Tabitha we go to chucky cheese and act like little kids (: go to wicker park and play volleyball go to the mall buy things mess with people have fun merry go round jumping cord