Joseph Kicking the worlds ass

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Joseph Kicking the worlds ass by Mind Map: Joseph Kicking the worlds ass

1. Temporary Funding

1.1. Main GOAL Selling property

1.1.1. listed on MLS

1.1.2. posted on Craigslist New Topic

1.1.3. created a webpage

1.1.4. updated the heck out of zillow

1.2. job related funding

1.2.1. Improper classification of my role regarding unpaid overtime

1.2.2. Short term disability from state of maryland

1.2.3. Worker's compensation

1.2.4. Short term disability from my job

1.3. Easy things to help

1.3.1. Apply for Food stamps

1.3.2. Sell things in order to float me until long term disability

1.3.3. Allow bills to go unpaid for short time

1.4. Get resume completed through upwork

1.4.1. get Haliy's headhunter

1.4.2. set goal revenue and job titles

1.4.3. apply only for those jobs

2. Goals: Becoming the Man God designed you to be

3. TASK Scheduling

4. Milestone

5. Home

6. Get temporary telecommuting job

7. Discovering Moderation & Balance through Daily discipline & Good Healthy habit's

7.1. Know thyself - Rules i use to hone my strengths

7.1.1. Habits and rules 1. Decide what i want Insane carity of the want, copy this guide - goto next step write it down in mindmap create deadline list tasks to accomplish prioritize list, establish 1-10 10 is highest value. organize order to be completed. 3 buckets, high value, low value (do less) and stop doing decide what needs to be done now, based on value and later, assign tags to identify assign tasks to correct people TAKE ACTION NOW Execution is everything REQUIRED Daily do at min 1 task Schedule into daily activities THINK AND REVIEW TOP GOALS DAILY

7.1.2. Know yourself completly Review debator profile, first complete habit planning mindmap

7.1.3. 21day habit starting

7.2. Finish 1st Self Help Book

7.2.1. Finish creating your daily routine's

7.2.2. Begin Doing daily routine

8. Building the POWERFUL LEgacy

9. Great Habit's & Continuance

10. Expanding Healthy Relationships

11. Helping Indivuals

12. Building Socially

13. Helping Globally

14. Natural Fun

14.1. Natural Duties

14.1.1. Creating self help guidebook

14.1.2. Creating motivational video's on youtube

14.2. Natural Fun

14.2.1. Explore what you find as your natural fun

14.2.2. Graphic Design

14.2.3. Gathering technologies

14.2.4. Gathering reasources

15. Adventuring & Exploration

16. Own yourself Again by being a Vicious - Strategic business man to provide financially for your friends and family today! Security (Financial & Life Freedom)

16.1. My Business KEY Result Area's

16.1.1. This is what

16.2. Passive Income / Wealth

16.3. Building NEST EGG

16.3.1. BUSINESS Long term Business Goals 1. Company does whats is best intrest of it's clients and not based on profiting from those it services 2. Create a organization that is able to capture and sustain market share of it's provided services indefinitely 3. Hand over majority of running the company to those who would lead it best in each aspect of it's operations. Only attend quarterly presentations where company statuses and numbers are presented. My domains Company Launch Business Plan Complete this and add it to business plan- this will put you on right track 2nd complete business plan

16.4. GET 100k in SAAS subscriptions, INCOME COMING IN NOW

16.5. Hospitality United Company Milestones and Road map

17. Fix World Problems

18. Delegate TASK TODAY

19. Milestone Transition