Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

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Legalizing Same Sex Marriage by Mind Map: Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

1. Pros

1.1. Same Sex Couples Should be able to experience the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

1.2. Idea of traditional marriage has now changed and is no longer just between male and female.

1.3. Marriage is both a human and civil right for all people in our world.

1.4. Marriage isn't just for procreation, otherwise couples that are infertile or aren't interested in having children shouldn't get married.

1.5. Same sex marriage benefits local, state and federal governments and the economy.

1.6. Gay couples make just as good, if not better parents for children

2. Cons

2.1. The institute of marriage has traditionally been defined as between a male and a female.

2.2. Marriage is for procreation only and therefore since same-sex couples are unable to reproduce they shouldn't be allowed to get married.

2.3. Children need both a mother and a father.

2.4. Legalizing same-sex marriage would weaken the institute of marriage.

2.5. Gay marriage goes against many religious beliefs, sacred texts and traditions.

3. Stakeholders

3.1. Same-sex couples

3.2. Australians

3.3. Government

3.4. Religious Groups

3.5. LGBT community

4. Australian Laws

4.1. Currently in Australia it is illegal to marry someone of the same-sex. The definition of marriage in Australia is between a male and a female, therefore preventing same-sex couples from marrying.

5. International Precedents

5.1. Argentina

5.2. Belgium

5.3. Brazil

5.4. Canada

5.5. Denmark

5.6. England / Wales

5.7. Finland

5.8. France

5.9. Irland

5.10. Louxemburg

5.11. The Neverlands

5.12. New Zealand

5.13. Norway

5.14. Portugal

5.15. Scotland

5.16. South Africa

5.17. Spain

5.18. Sweden

5.19. US

5.20. Uruguay