How to prevent food borne illnesses

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How to prevent food borne illnesses by Mind Map: How to prevent food borne illnesses

1. What is a foodborne illness

1.1. An illness caused by contaminate foods.

2. . What are common sources of food that cause foodborne illnesses? (name 5)

2.1. raw cookie dough,raw meat,spoiled milk, hot dogs,eggs

3. . What are common symptoms of foodborne illnesses? (name 3)

3.1. cramping, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

4. . What are some helpful tips to prevent foodborne illnesses? (name 3)

4.1. wash your hands, cook foods through all the way, use cutting boards if you can

5. What are five different types of foddborne illnesses?

5.1. Cryptosporidiosis,salmonella,e coli,listeria,norovirus,

6. Are foodborne illnesses contagious? Why or why not?

6.1. Yes and No depending on what part of the world your in so basically if you use the bathroom after someone with a illness you could get it .