ADDIE Instructional Design Model

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ADDIE Instructional Design Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Instructional Design Model

1. Analysis Phase

1.1. What are the instructional goals?

1.2. Who are the learners?

1.3. What are the learning objectives?

2. Define instructional problem.

3. Design Phase

3.1. How will instruction be assessed?

3.2. What will be the most effective course format?

3.3. What type or variety of activities and resources will be used to instruct the student?

4. Development Phase

4.1. Create course proposal to submit for client approval

4.2. Develop course materials

4.3. Conduct a dry run with a sample student

5. Define instructional building blocks.

6. Storyboard, script, and create instructional content.

7. Implementation Phase

7.1. Familiarize the instructor with course

7.2. Ensure learners are prepared for course

7.3. Ensure learning environment is set for instruction

8. Ensure knowledge, tools and space are in place.

9. Evaluation

10. Occurs at every stage

11. Evaluation Phase

11.1. Conduct formative evaluation

11.2. Conduct summative evaluation

12. Ensure instructional goals have been met.