Causes of WW1 By Brayden

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Causes of WW1 By Brayden by Mind Map: Causes of WW1 By Brayden

1. System of alliances

1.1. Triple Entente (Britain and its colony's, France, Russia)

1.1.1. They are all bound by a treaty they all signed

1.1.2. France flag

1.1.3. Britain's flag

1.1.4. Russia's flag

1.2. Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy)

1.2.1. Austria-Hungary and Germany Created when Germany gives Austria-Hungary a blank check

1.2.2. Italy drops out in the war

1.2.3. German's flag

1.2.4. Austria-Hungary's flag

1.2.5. Italy's flag

1.3. Neutral countries

1.3.1. USA

1.3.2. Italy (LATER)

2. Militarism

2.1. Thinking you need the best army

2.1.1. Britain calls colony's for a bigger army They all get crappy and cheap war items (Canada) Ross Rifle and the Mcadams shovel

3. Imperialism

3.1. Thinking its right to invade other colony's

3.1.1. Lots of different counties attack and try's to take over part of south Africa Leads to a mini battle for land Some countrys make alliances

4. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

4.1. Assassinated by Gavrilo Princip

4.1.1. was with a group named the black hand

4.2. Why Was he killed

4.2.1. Because he represents Austria-Hungry and Serbia wants independence from them

4.3. Where was he killed

4.3.1. in front of a cafe

4.4. Domino effect

4.4.1. Austria declares war on Serbia Serbia declares war on Austria-Hungary The Germans declare war on Russia because the Russians are giving Serbia stuff when the Germans have a tie with Austria Serbia has a tie with Russia so Russia declares war on Austria-Hungary

5. WW1 Starts

6. Bad leadership

6.1. Kaiser Wilhelm (Germany)

6.1.1. Waiting for the right time to strike

6.1.2. "Germany right full place in the sun" Sitting in the sun while other places crumble

6.1.3. Had a bad temper

6.1.4. Insecure

6.2. Tsar Nicolas the second (Russia)

6.2.1. Haters Rasputin Mad about the bad leadership and instability

6.2.2. He thinks his land is so great

6.2.3. Did a lot of things that made people mad Raised taxes poor working condition rules Hunger across the country

6.2.4. Tsar tough he needed a big army so Russia can look like the best Germany was scared because of this When Germany made the Schlieffen plan they were going to attack France fast so they can get Russia because they were getting stronger. Germany also makes that plan so they can get Russia to stop giving Serbia items. Germany wants this so Austria-Hungary can take over Serbia

7. Creation of Germany

7.1. Navel race

7.1.1. Everyone's building a huge army Britain felt threatened by the Germans new big war boats Britain makes an even bigger boats to intimidate Germany.

7.1.2. Britain calls its colonies to buy an army Canada gets and other colonies get small crappy boats

8. Nationalism

8.1. Thinking your country is better than others

8.2. Tsar Nicolas the second (Russia)

8.2.1. He thinks his land is so great

8.2.2. Did a lot of things that made people mad Raised taxes poor working condition rules Hunger across the country

8.2.3. He likes Serbia so they join the Triple Entente Give Serbia good stuff Germany and Austria-Hungary gets mad because they are both enemy's with Serbia

9. Serbia after the assassination gets independence but Austria Hungary wants to take over Serbia again