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My by Mind Map: My

1. Self

1.1. My name is Fahry Fauzan

1.1.1. You can call me Fahry

1.2. I am the second child of two brothers

1.3. I am sundanese

1.4. I am humorous

2. Dream Jobs

2.1. when i was child, i want to be an artist

2.1.1. I like drawing

2.1.2. I like imagine

2.2. But now, I want to be programmer because

2.2.1. I like playing computer

2.2.2. I want to be developer i want to developed web I want to developed games because i like playing games

2.3. If i am successful enough i want to build company

2.4. I want to be businessman

3. Hobby

3.1. I have some hobby

3.1.1. I like playing computer I like playing games I like watch youtube I like watch film animation Sometimes I like edting photos become vektor

3.1.2. Sometimes i spend my times with playing with my friend

4. Dream Country

4.1. I have dream country

4.1.1. My dream country is Japan I like Japan because i like japanese music l like japanese animation or people say that anime Japan have modern and high technology I like japanese food for example is sushi I like japanase girl

5. Talent

5.1. I can makes new idea

5.2. Sometimes I can fix problem

5.3. I can manage a times

5.4. Easy to memorize

5.5. I can massage

6. Interesting

6.1. i have some interesting that is

6.1.1. I interested to make an animation

6.1.2. I interested to make a games i want to make VR or AR games as a features

6.1.3. I interested to make a program

6.1.4. I interestef to be businessman

7. New Topic

8. New Topic

9. New Topic