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1. Vietnam War: Another big part of this war was the Military which is ran by the government. During the draft only the middle and lower class citizens were in the war. People went to college and left America to avoid the war. If these events would have never happened we would have had 100,000 more soldiers and it could have been a clear win for the U.S. A lesson you can learn from this is have a more organized draft and make sure people cant escape just so they cant go to war.

2. Jews tried to flee Germany but couldnt

3. Causes of World War II

3.1. America did nothing to save the jews so they were still dieing in camps

3.1.1. The americans learned that the new technology can either work for the good or the bad of the group. Women and Afrrican Americans could barely help the country. The U.S did notlearn anything from world war II

4. The great migration allowed african americans to migrate to harlem New York to be apart of their own culture and be free

5. ****Economics How has economics impacted America

5.1. Great Depression

5.1.1. when the New Deal was created to fix the economic problems it cost a lot of money and government debt increased

6. ****Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America

7. ****Leaders & presidents*** what makes an effective or ineffective leader

7.1. FDR vs Hoover

7.1.1. Hoover barely made any changes or helped during the great depression. FDR came into presidency and changed for good but he was a taking advantage of the governemt

7.2. Vietnam War: A big part of the U.S getting into the war was the president. This war was hard to run because during the beginning LBJ was in charge and getting to the end of his presidentcy. When Nixon took over he did a pretty good job for being thrown into the middle of the drama right away. A lessons you can learn from this are Start a World war in the beggining of your term.

8. ****Foreign Relations**** How have foreign entanglements influence America

8.1. Vietnam War: The Vietnam war could have been avoided if the U.S just minded their own business. Ho Chi Minh lived and studied in the United states and admired what they did to gain their freedom but just since they were a communist country the U.S could not be allies with them. The U.S wasted millions of money and lost a ton of troops just because another country was overrun by communism. You can learn from this mishap by realizing that just because people are different doesn't mean you cant be friends or work together

9. ****Government*** What is the role and responsibliity of the American governent

10. ****Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society

11. ****Technology*** How does technology impact society

12. ****Civil Rights*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life

13. improved Warfare enhancements for the technology and what wars are faught today/

14. spread of communism

15. JFK + LBJ In the JFK and LBJ unit we talked about how JFK was one of the youngest presidents but one of the greatest. LBJ took over after JFK was assainated in 1960s