Trackmania United Forever

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Trackmania United Forever af Mind Map: Trackmania United Forever

1. In-Game Painter

1.1. Paint your own skin

1.2. Choose Stickers, Stencils And Chosse a part of the car you want to paint. For example the Hood

1.3. Then you can make a unique name for skin when you're done and ready to save it

2. Track Editor

2.1. Make your own tracks and validate it with a lot of blocks

3. Replay Editor

3.1. Edit your best Races

3.2. Set up cameras and enjoy

3.3. Import ghosts

3.4. Make camera shake effect and lot of other things

4. Race against other drivers online on a server and get the best time

5. In-Game Painter

5.1. Paint your own skin

5.2. Choose Stickers, Stencils and