connecting the dots: #change11, #nmfs_f11, #cooplit

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connecting the dots: #change11, #nmfs_f11, #cooplit af Mind Map: connecting the dots: #change11, #nmfs_f11, #cooplit

1. digital awakening

1.1. Vannevar Bush

1.1.1. As we may think

1.2. Norbert Wiener

1.2.1. Man, Machines, and the World About

1.3. J.C.R. Licklider

1.3.1. Man-Computer Symbiosis

1.4. Doug Engelbart

1.4.1. Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework

1.5. Ted Nelson

1.5.1. Computer Lib/Dream Machines

2. Intro to cooperation theory

2.1. social dilemmas

2.1.1. Peter Kollock, game theory social dilemma concept map

2.1.2. Robert Wright, Non-zero sumness

2.2. The Commons, Institutions for Collective Action

2.2.1. "The tragedy of the Commons" Garrett Hardin

2.2.2. Governing the Commons, Elinor Ostrom Design principles for governing the commons

2.2.3. Polycentric Governance of Complex Economic Systems

2.2.4. Three conditions for Human Cooperation Robert Axelrod

3. MOOC Change11

3.1. Mobile Learning, Zoraini Wati Abas

3.2. Digital Scholarship, Martin Weller

3.3. Collective Learning, Allison Littlejohn

3.4. Open Education David Wiley

4. Meta-issues

4.1. Technology

4.1.1. synchronous large groups? pricing functionalities learning curve user experience

4.1.2. asynchronous forums blogs wikis mindmaps networks bookmarrks

4.2. business model

4.2.1. free

4.2.2. tuition

4.2.3. freemium

4.2.4. sponsoring

4.3. philosophy

4.3.1. communities of practice

4.3.2. connectivism

4.3.3. formal classes