Future of Work Ideation

Our ideation session on the Future of Work theme.

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Future of Work Ideation af Mind Map: Future of Work Ideation

1. Make tech sexy

2. Better taxing to corporations for seed funding

3. Group people and have jobs be assigned to them

4. “College” prior to university regarding future of work before studying “topic of interest”

5. Mandatory tech included in people’s work/school day to FORCE society to keep up with tech advances

6. Job shadowing and mentorship starting in early education

7. Put everyone through the same mandatory training and education

8. Develop educational games

9. More co-op training in high schools/other university programs

10. Coding bootcamp for youth

11. Work cooperatives to launch

12. Government and large corporations make greater investments in teaching new skills

13. More accessible technology learning - at YMCA for example

14. Change school curriculum entirely to learn more about future

15. Create jobs with people’s skillset, talent in mind

16. Develop network capacity so people can work from home in rural areas

17. Come up with ideas to reduce cost of living (so people need to work less)

18. Transparency of current jobs – leaders sharing what their companies and employees do

19. Government invest in clean energy jobs that may not be eliminated in the future

20. Increase programming classes in school

21. Encourage technologically advanced companies to train other companies