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Social Media Tools!!!!!!!!!:) af Mind Map: Social Media Tools!!!!!!!!!:)

1. resource management system

2. Diigo 3

2.1. Website Information

2.1.1. collaborate on articles that are being shared Share information with certain settings Provide feedback will show what certain people need to read and see what information is good

2.2. Web Search

2.2.1. Unlike some of the more educationally backed resources, Diigo serves a wide range of users from recruiters, law firms, and even marketing agencies One review states that Diigo trumps Delicious, is great for notes on webpages and allows for your desired amount of collaboration Like Edmodo, allows for teachers to create a master account and then create student level accounts in order to share and collaborate

3. Diigo 1

3.1. On Website

3.1.1. Read more effectively Collaborate for any group Build own library

3.2. On Web

3.3. Share websites with groups or entire diigo network.

3.4. Blog posting

3.5. Save imprtant websites to access from anywhere

4. Edmodo

4.1. Web Search:

4.1.1. Twitter Appeal Free Edmodo App. "Educational Facebook"

4.2. Website Info:

4.2.1. Parental Access

4.2.2. Tracks Student Progress

4.2.3. Mobile Updates/Alerts

5. Ideas

5.1. website

5.1.1. lot of fun

6. My Big Campus

6.1. On website

6.2. 1. track and improve academic progress

6.3. 2. available on any software’s device

6.4. 3. brings the community together

6.5. On Web

6.6. 1. balances use of Web 2.0

6.7. 2. updated daily

6.8. 3. profanity interception

7. Test

8. Diigo 2

8.1. On Website

8.1.1. organize and share research share all, some, none or only to specific people interact and comment on other people’s research

8.2. On Web

8.2.1. reviewer says much better than Google Bookmarks “Like Delicious on Steroids” One teacher says they advise students to use Diigo instead of saving web pages to Favorites because Diigo can be accessed anywhere

9. Delicious


9.1.1. has tools to help bookmark

9.1.2. available on any device

9.1.3. follow your friends or find people who share same interest


9.2.1. can access bookmark off any device

9.2.2. showcase passions from around web

9.2.3. cannot edit note on an existing bookmark

10. My Big Campus 2

10.1. From reviews

10.1.1. Facebook-like interface

10.1.2. Resource management system

10.1.3. Student safety measures taken

10.2. From Website

10.2.1. Multi Platform

10.2.2. Features profiles for Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Parents

10.2.3. Multi-fucntional library, drive, classwork, etc.

11. Moodle

11.1. On Website

11.1.1. 1. Free

11.1.2. 2. Claims to be one of the largest open-sourced teams

11.1.3. 3. Demo on website, Moodle appears user friendly

11.2. On Web

11.2.1. 1. Moodle beat out BB at smaller colleges

11.2.2. 2. High schools are beginning to use it

11.2.3. 3. Web suggests that the purely free versions are not as good as the hosted versions