Design 3105 Final Project Residence Halls

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Design 3105 Final Project Residence Halls af Mind Map: Design 3105 Final Project Residence Halls

1. Laundry

1.1. Machines

1.1.1. knowing when a machine is vacant

1.1.2. getting clothes out in time

1.2. Layout

1.2.1. washer/dryer layout

1.2.2. Space to fold laundry In dorm As you take it out of dryer

1.3. Transporting Materials

1.3.1. dorm to and from laundry room Clothes Baskets Bags Cleaning Materials Detergent Pods Color-Catchers Fabric Softeners Dryer Sheets Money BuckID Quarters

1.3.2. Between washer and dryer Transporting hand by hand, piece by piece Putting into laundry bag/basket and then into dryer

1.4. Time between cycles

1.4.1. Study rooms in basement

1.4.2. Returning to room

2. Storage Space

2.1. Bathroom Storage

2.1.1. Shower organization

2.1.2. Towel arrangement

2.1.3. Personal products

2.2. Bedroom Storage

2.2.1. Under the bed Bins Shoes

2.2.2. Closet

2.2.3. Bed Alarm situation Bed Frame Coat placement Electronics

2.3. Living Space Storage

2.3.1. Desk Drawer organization Desk top organization

3. Privacy

3.1. Bedroom Privacy

3.1.1. roommates coming in and out is visually and audibly annoying to sleeping users

3.1.2. light from the window invades privacy curtains aren't thick enough light from shared room shines in

3.1.3. overnight guests are disruptive

3.2. Shared Space Privacy

3.2.1. Shelves are cluttered with different roommates' belongings only one shelf with a lock for each student

3.2.2. some roommates want to be social while others study roommates occasionally enjoy pillow talk

3.3. Bathroom Privacy

3.3.1. Roommates often have to shower at the same time

3.3.2. roommates steal each other's toothpaste/soap shelf space in bathroom is limited

4. Environment

4.1. Outdoor

4.1.1. Construction Noise

4.1.2. Transportation Accessibility Bicycle Space Parking lot Bus Stops

4.2. Indoor

4.2.1. Navigation Way-finding Signage System Hallways Lobby / Lounge Front desk Basement Public Restroom Stairs / Elevator Word-of-mouth Asking RA Guide by friends

4.2.2. Interior Environment Temperature Decoration Floor plan

5. Study

5.1. Lighting

5.1.1. Natural Light Sources not enough light in the room/study area windows sky lights

5.1.2. Artificial light sources not enough light in the room/study area personal desk lamps

5.2. Privacy

5.2.1. group study area

5.2.2. individual study spaces

5.3. Study Rooms

5.3.1. Access to outlets outlet-to-desk ratio

5.3.2. Noise level too much sound in the room sound suppressing materials individual study spaces too much sound from surrounding rooms extra sound proofing in walls partitions with sound proofing

5.4. Quiet Hours

6. Social Space

6.1. Convenience

6.1.1. Location Better spaces on each floor

6.1.2. More space More people can fit

6.2. Entertainment

6.2.1. More room for Couches More comfortable Television Always in use TVs on every floor

7. Security

7.1. Building Secuirty

7.1.1. BuckID access Forgotten BuckID Defective Card-Reader BuckID (in)convenience Permitted Access Guest Access Resident Access Complex Access

7.1.2. Stranger Access Security Security Cameras OA Security Campus Police Resident Awareness RA Awareness

7.2. Room Security

7.2.1. Room Key Access Forgotten Key Key (in)convenience Lost Key

7.2.2. Room Accessibility In-Room Access In-Building Access Short-Term Departure Food Exercise Laundry Friend's Rooms Long-Term Departure Class Vacation "Late Nights"

7.3. External Environment

7.3.1. Campus Crime Campus Police Emergency Call Buttons Student/Resident Awareness Security Cameras

7.3.2. Off-Campus Crime Columbus Police Student/Resident Awareness

7.3.3. Non-Student Activity