The best teaching sequence

Solve your problems or get new ideas with basic brainstorming

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The best teaching sequence af Mind Map: The best teaching sequence

1. Problems

1.1. Making sure to include work that is achievable by children of all levels

1.2. finding a balance of activities to keep all children engaged

1.3. time management

1.4. not familiar with group work and how it works

1.5. convincing students what the importance of the learning is.

2. Ideas

2.1. brainstorming their existing knowledge and explain the importance of the learning

2.2. experiencing real life situations in relation to the subject

2.3. mixture of group work and individual work

2.4. video telling/storytelling

2.5. closing activity, fun way of summarising the learning

3. Action Points

3.1. equal opportunities for each student

3.2. balance in participation

3.3. productively manage the class

4. Goals

4.1. You want the kids to be interested and motivated.

4.2. Focus on learning and not the teaching.

4.3. Balance between respect and relationships.

4.4. Good atmosphere in class.

4.5. Kids to be independent and to think for themselves.

4.6. Learning for life.

4.7. Reaching the targets of the class.

4.8. Challenging students.