JFK Paper

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JFK Paper af Mind Map: JFK Paper

1. Remember

2. Main Character

2.1. Tony (Middle Aged)

2.2. Family

2.2.1. Carol - Wife

2.2.2. Harry - Son (13)

2.3. Works at a paper company

3. Plot

3.1. Intro

3.1.1. On the way to see JFK

3.1.2. Tony's thoughts, use his thoughts to describe what he is like

3.2. Rising Action

3.2.1. The start of the parade to them seeing JFK drive by

3.3. Climax

3.3.1. 12:30 Shooting

3.4. Falling action

3.4.1. The limo driving away and everyone getting to the ground, protecting their kids

3.5. Resolution

3.5.1. The trip back home

4. Setting

4.1. Clear day

4.2. Friday, November 22, 1963

4.3. Family is going to see JFK

5. Keep asking yourself, "What is Tony thinking?"

6. Theme

6.1. Things can change quickly; how large things can happen in a small amount of time, and how shocking that is