Ole Henriksen

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Ole Henriksen af Mind Map: Ole Henriksen

1. 8.Does your succes come from hard work or luck?

1.1. You create your own luck

1.2. And you dont measure succes by monet

2. 7What advice would you give to people who want to make it in Hollywood

2.1. He said that you need to stay grounded and focuced

2.2. You must be willing to learn

3. 4. What was the turning point for you car?eer

3.1. He helped Rita with her skin and he accept the challenge

3.2. He won the challenge and came in L.A. Times Obviolusy

4. 2. Did you work while growing up?

4.1. First job, was a milk delivery boy, as 10 yeasrs

4.2. He bought gifts for his family

4.3. used money to go to private school in Aalborg

5. 3.How did you get involved in the skincare industry

5.1. He got a treatment for his acne

5.2. He entrolled at the Christine show beauty college in London

6. 6.Who are your clients?

6.1. He has many popular clients

7. 5.What is like to be the Skin Care Guro to the stars?

7.1. It is not different to be the Guro to the womens

7.2. He can¨t stant attitude and snobs

7.3. He take his clients in to the room, where the person feel special and unique

8. 1. What was your opbringning like?

8.1. Born may, 4 1952

8.2. His family has never enough money.

8.3. He is very creative as i child

9. 9.What is the American Dream to you?

9.1. He lives the dream now

9.2. Anything is possible in America.