Courseware for Learning

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Courseware for Learning af Mind Map: Courseware for Learning

1. Tutorials

1.1. Benefits/Examples

1.1.1. Can incorporate the four phases of instruction

1.1.2. Gives students learning objectives

1.1.3. Can stimulate prior knowledge of the student

1.1.4. Used as a helpful guide in the initial the initial phase of instruction

2. Hypermedia

2.1. Benefits/Examples

2.1.1. e.g. Wikipedia

2.1.2. e.g. Webquests

2.1.3. e.g. hypercompostion

2.1.4. e.g. Case Studies

2.1.5. e.g. Virtual Museum

2.1.6. e.g. Virtual Field trips

2.1.7. Provides a collection of readily available information for the students on a given topic

3. Drills

3.1. Benefits/Examples

3.1.1. Provides practice

3.1.2. Can provide a record of a student's performance

3.1.3. Can be game like to keep the student engaged

3.1.4. Can adjust based on a student's performance

4. Simulations

4.1. Benefits/Examples

4.1.1. Learning through interactions

4.1.2. Any combination of the four phases of instruction

4.1.3. Safety!

4.1.4. Modification of time frames

4.1.5. Making rare events more common

4.1.6. Can control a complex phenomenon

4.1.7. Enhancement of motivation to learn

4.1.8. Transfer of learning

5. Educational Games

5.1. Benefits/Examples

5.1.1. Can be used for all phases of instruction

5.1.2. Adventure games

5.1.3. Role playing games

5.1.4. Logic and puzzle games

5.1.5. Word games

5.1.6. Motivation to learn

5.1.7. More cognitive effort used

5.1.8. Develop knowledge and skills

5.1.9. Potential for collaborative skills

6. Tools and Open Ended Learning Environments

6.1. Benefits/Examples

6.1.1. e.g. LOGO

6.1.2. e.g. Google Sites

6.1.3. e.g. Mind Meister

6.1.4. e.g. Inspiration

6.1.5. Deep learning and transfer

6.1.6. Collaborative learning

6.1.7. Motivation

6.1.8. Cross-curricular learning