D.E.C.I.D.E Wellness Map

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D.E.C.I.D.E Wellness Map af Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E Wellness Map

1. 1. Define your Problem: Several of your roommates are snoring during CWW and you Cannot get a good nights rests, this can affect your physical wellness because you aren't getting enough sleep and your body needs the energy for the next day of CWW

2. 2. Explore all the Alternatives: 1. Wake them up and tell them to try to stop snoring 2. Let your roommates be and try to cover your ears with your blanket so it somewhat covers the sounds 3. Try and make a hot drink to calm yourself down and after that try and calm your heart rate down by breathing slowly 4. Worst comes to worst, Sleep on the Couch.....

3. 3. Consider all the Consequences 1. If you wake someone up and tell them to stop snoring you may get your roommate upset and annoyed 2. If you are walking around and trying to make a drink while entertaining yourself you may wake your roommates up on accident 3. if you are sharing a bed with a roommate and you are trying to cover your ears to block up the sounds you can sometimes annoy your roommate and leave their roommate with no blanket

4. 4. Identify your Values 1. I don't think it's right to just not let your problem consume you in anger because then you'll never get any sleep 2. I will never try and make them to stop whatever they are doing to provoke my by physical force 3. I think that I should use my words instead

5. 5. Decide and Act For me I will just give them a nudge and try to get their attention or if worst comes sleep on the couch and try and use a towel for a blanket, but if I can get their attention I will maybe just let them know in a nice tone

6. 6. Evaluate the Results for me when I evaluate my results I'll often think about as how did I complete or did I complete my objective? and next I'll think about how next time if this happens what are some better solutions or answers to my conflict or problem?