Up up and away

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Up up and away af Mind Map: Up up and away

1. Activity 3. Make out their own stories using the illustrations

2. Learning Dispositions

2.1. Reflective

2.1.1. There is a moral value behind this story. "Sometimes you have to let go of the things that you love the most"

2.2. Appreciation

2.2.1. It teaches children to appreciate little things in their life, eg. Their ideas

2.3. Engagement

2.3.1. The illustrations are interesting and that engages the children in reading

2.3.2. The illustrations is in relation to the text and further emphasizes on the text

2.4. Sense of wonder and curiosity

2.4.1. It allows children to wonder about the outer space and widen their imagination

3. Learning areas

3.1. Aesthetics & Creative Expressions

3.1.1. Creative illustrations

3.2. Discovery of the world

3.3. Language and literacy

4. Author & Illustration: Tom McLaughin

5. Age group: 5-6 years old

6. Activities: 1. Book Discussions

6.1. Asking children about questions

6.2. Asking children about the characters

6.3. Asking children about the illustrations

7. Activities 2. Role-play

7.1. To role-play the different characters in the book

8. Developmental areas: Cognitive, language and socio-emotional development.

8.1. Language: Uses simple sentences, to allow children to understand the story easily.

8.2. Cognitive: Explore about the world upon reading the story.

9. Synopsis

9.1. This book is about a boy who is named Orson and he is very Creative and loves to explore. He also loves t9 create things and make things he has not done before. One day, he got interested to do something extraordinary. He decided to make a planet out of his own materials. He is a organised boy and he decided to organise the materials first before starting building his planet. He organised rocks, water and also metal. He also made sure there were enough space to place his planet. After he was done, he was not really satisfied with the planet and decided to read up on how to improve the planet. He kept reading even through the night. He fed it, tidied it and also did many things to make it bigger and to his expectations. The planet then grew bigger and it took up all the space in his room. It took all the things with him. In the end, he decided to let the planet go.