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What You Can Do with MindMeister

MindMeister is an online mind mapping tool that facilitates collaborative brainstorming, planning and note taking. Whether you need to capture the essence of a feature or map out an entire project plan on a single page, everything is quick and painless with our award-winning map editor.

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Real Teams, Real Success

Find out how real IT teams use MindMeister every day to plan, manage and deliver outstanding software projects:

Case Study IT Enterprise

IT Enterprise

Bespoke Software Solutions

IT Enterprise use MindMeister and Atlassian tools to provide software solutions which meet 100% of their clients’ requirements.

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Case Study BigBangThemes


Software Startup

BigBangThemes uses MindMeister and MeisterTask to manage their distributed team and never miss a deadline.

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Case Study Dream Harvest

Dream Harvest

Game Developer

The developer team at Dream Harvest use MindMeister to create game design documents and share their vision in a meaningful way.

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MindMeister Feature Overview

Great software requires careful planning. MindMeister enables you to brainstorm ideas with team members, present your project plans to clients, and subsequently turn them into reality, via our direct integration with agile task management tool, MeisterTask.

Real-time Collaboration

Share mind maps with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders, and collaborate with them in real-time. Changes are instantly visible across all devices.

Stunning Presentations

Turn any mind map you’ve created into a beautiful, dynamic slideshow within seconds. There’s no easier way to present ideas and project plans to others!

Export & Embed

Include maps in your project plans by embedding them in your Confluence pages, or exporting them as Word documents, PDFs or text outlines.

Multimedia Support

Each topic in your map offers space for screenshots, mock-ups, videos, links and documents, ensuring that all project-related files are collated in a central workspace.

Comment and Vote

Discuss individual ideas by commenting directly on the topics in your mind maps. Enable stakeholders to give feedback and vote on proposed changes.

Agile Task Management

Turn ideas into action by exporting them to MeisterTask, our Kanban-based task manager for teams. Tasks stay synchronized between the mind map and the project board.

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Using Mind Maps for Software Development

Used by software teams all over the world, mind maps are a versatile and incredibly intuitive tool that improves communication and makes planning more efficient. Here are just a few of the things you can do with online mind maps:

Project Planning

With MindMeister, planning even complex software projects is a breeze. Use a map to take notes during the initial project meeting, then add links to feature specs, roadmaps and other important documents. Take a look at NewOrbit’s success story to see how their team use MindMeister to map out client projects.

Sprint Planning

Share a mind map with your Scrum team, define the sprint goal and the whole sprint to a T. Connect your map with your Sprint board in MeisterTask and export topics as tasks. There’s no quicker way to go from planning to execution!

User Journey Visualization

Starting from a simple UX/CX template, you can map out the different routes users may take, connect a prototype with the mind map, and share the proposed journey with the rest of your team to get their input. Learn how product designer Eugene Rudyy uses MindMeister to map user journeys.

Feature Specification Sheets

You can outline the specs of new features using a simple map template. Just write the feature name in the center and provide a description, effort estimation and priority. You can attach tables, decision trees or mock-ups directly in the map. There’s plenty of space for questions, notes and comments, too.

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