The Middle-English period

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The Middle-English period da Mind Map: The Middle-English period

1. The introduction of the printing press to England in 1476 by William Caxtonled to a spred of English

2. Tiene dos períodos importantes. El francés anglo-normando. 2.El francés cental. La influencia de dos partes diferentes afectó la pronunciación, por lo que provoca cambios en la morfología y la sintaxis del inglés. Las evidencias se encuentran en la poesía y la prosa de la mitad del siglo XIV .

3. The middle english period is defined as to 1100 to 1500 after

4. 1.The phases of Middle-English

4.1. Eglish decline(1066-1204)

4.1.1. The Conquest had impact over the people so English was for the lower classes for over 200 years, it was replaced with Latin and a little with French.

4.2. English in ascent(1204-1348)

4.2.1. The lost of King Jhon and its possesions, made that French startes being less important and English became in it, also the communication and use of London dialect.

4.3. English triumphant(1348-1509)

4.3.1. The Black Death made many people died so the most language spoken was Enlgish from working class.

4.3.2. The Hundred Years War, this led to a loss of all Continental Holdings without which the English no longer had important reasons to learn and use French

5. 2.History/Politics

5.1. Middle English was Germanic and had extensive Romance vocabulary

6. 3.ME literature

6.1. One of the most importants cases is the firts complete translation of the Bible into English by John Wyclif. Another case is the creation of poems by William Lanland, or Geoffrey that made a lot of contributions to the literary language and contemporary linguistic structure by his poems.

7. 4.Linguistics aspects

7.1. The beginning of colonization led to a global spread of the Emglish language

7.2. Henry`s eighth's who cut the link between Rome and the English church, so in 1500 English be in a new position from a Regional European language to a global system of communication

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