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Technology da Mind Map: Technology

1. Medical

2. Military

2.1. High importance to develop powerful arms

2.2. Territorial defense weapons are a big concern

2.3. Advances are happening

2.3.1. Multiple Launch Rocket System program development

3. Telecommunications

3.1. 6.661 million main phone lines in use

3.2. 77.605 million mobiile cellular phone users

3.3. High quality telecommunications system

3.4. Wireless service expanding regularly

3.5. Fixed line system

4. Access to Technology

4.1. Great amount of access to technology

4.2. Internet

4.2.1. 17.483 million internet users

5. Leader in Developing?

6. Nanotechnology

7. TV Stations

7.1. Six terrestrial stations in Bangkok (broadcasted nationally)

7.1.1. Two owned by military

7.1.2. Four government-owned or controlled Leased to private enterprise

7.1.3. All required to broadcast government-produced news programs twice a day