Animal Testing - Animal Testing In The Cosmetic Industry Is Frivolous And Cruel

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Animal Testing - Animal Testing In The Cosmetic Industry Is Frivolous And Cruel da Mind Map: Animal Testing - Animal Testing  In The Cosmetic Industry Is Frivolous And Cruel

1. Groupmembers

1.1. Jordan St. Peter

1.2. Calvin Chen

2. Categories

2.1. General Information

2.1.1. System Calvin

2.2. Alternatives

2.2.1. Companies That Test/Don't Test Jordan

2.3. Illegal Activism

2.3.1. Companies That Outsource Per

2.4. Positive Sides

2.4.1. Per

2.5. Statistics

2.5.1. Calvin

2.6. Negative Sides

2.6.1. Jordan

2.7. Companies that use alternatives vs. Companies testing

2.7.1. Per

2.8. Animal Testing in Medicine

2.8.1. Calvin In Cancer in GB

2.9. Animal Testing in Cosmetics

2.9.1. Jordan

2.10. Animal Testing in Education

2.10.1. Per

3. Alternatives

3.1. Embryonic stem cell test

3.1.1. Project specifications

3.1.2. End User requirements

3.1.3. Action points sign-off

3.2. 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Phototoxicity Test

3.2.1. Define actions as necessary

3.3. EpiDerm test (human skin model tests)

3.4. Dissection Alternatives (

4. Positive Sides

4.1. Meds

4.1.1. Saving thousand of lifes

4.1.2. Also helps Animals

4.1.3. See Google Doc

4.2. Health

4.2.1. No humans need to die because of bad ingrediences



4.4.1. to check

4.5. Pros and Cons

4.5.1. Both

4.5.2. Pros Pro - Test to find treatments for cancer, antibiotics for infections, vaccines to prevent some of the most deadly and debilitating viruses and surgery for injuries, illnesses and deformities.

5. Illegal Activism

5.1. Anti Activism

5.1.1. Illegal Activism

5.1.2. AG GAG Laws

5.2. Lobbyism

5.2.1. PETA is a anti organisation Big Enemy of Industry

5.3. Animal Testing in China

5.3.1. Few Rules

5.3.2. Fewer Protester so no adjustment in laws

5.4. US Labs in China


5.5. PDF list with "NOT" testing animals

6. General Information

6.1. what animals got tested on

6.1.1. Most of the animals that are used in testing are bred just for testing,

6.1.2. Each year, more than 100 million animals and the most animals that got killed are: Mice, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, cats and monkey's are the most commonly used animals for tests

6.2. what is animal testing?

6.2.1. Cosmetics Drugs Food additives Supplements Household products Pesticides Industrial chemicals

7. Companies that use alternatives vs. Companies testing

7.1. Not Using

7.1.1. Beauty Without Bunnies Informing people who is not using it

7.2. Using

7.2.1. test on animals list

7.3. 3 PDF's with companies testing, non testing and sometimes testing

7.3.1. not at the list companies that need to test pharmacies and garden products

7.4. Is it necessary?



8. Negative Sides

8.1. Immoral

8.2. Animals are poor representation of human body

8.3. 92% of FDA approved drugs still fail

8.4. Alternatives, no need to use animals

9. Animal Testing in Cosmetic Industry

9.1. Laws against final product being tested

9.2. Laws against any ingredients tested

9.3. Companies use alternatives

9.4. Companies outsource testing to other facilities

9.5. Companies test themselves


10. what country are that are using animal testing?

10.1. Cosmetic testing is banned in Belgium, Netherlands and the U.K.. Europe

11. which animals they are tested on now?

11.1. They usual tests on mice, rabbits,dogs, guinea pigs, and monkeys.

12. Brain Storms for Products and Shocking Ideas

12.1. Website for non-profit

12.2. Opening Video Shocking Pictures

12.3. Bunnies

12.3.1. Realia

12.4. Documentary

12.4.1. Home Made

12.5. Interviews with Brewster Students on knowledge and opinions of animal testing

12.6. Survey with Brewster Students on knowledge and opinons of animal testing

12.7. Interview with companies that dont test on animals (alternatives)

12.8. Interview animal rights groups


13.1. this is the web for all the things about the animal testing,

14. Interview Ideas

14.1. Doctor

14.1.1. Wolfeboro

14.1.2. Animal Doc Wolfeboro

14.2. Brewster Students

14.3. Animal Rights Groups

14.3.1. Peta Anti

14.3.2. ASPCA Anti

14.3.3. Pro - Test Pro

14.4. Cosmetic Company

14.4.1. Testing 3M 1-888-364-3577 Axe 800-598-1223 212-888-1260 Clearasil 1-800-228-4722

14.4.2. Not Testing Urban Decay 800-784-8722 Lush 1-888-733-5874

14.4.3. Sometimes Testing

15. the animal testing facts:

15.1. 40% human patients display side effects as a result of prescriptions and most of the medicines released post-animal testing, only a very small percentage is essential. A small percentage of fatal illnesses and a negligible percentage of organic based illness are caused by medications that have animal tested.

15.2. It is important to note that although animals are almost always used in cancer research, they never get the human form of cancer which affects membranes like the lungs. Almost 9% of the anesthetized animals in the laboratory die!

15.3. It is interesting to note that 83% of substances are metabolized differently by animals and humans.

16. Presentation Order

16.1. Shocking Pictures

16.2. Keynote (present research)

16.3. iMovie (reaction to pictures, survey info, interviews)

16.4. Realia: Bunnies

16.5. Realia: Makeup Bag, Products you use that are tested