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Northpole Noir da Mind Map: Northpole Noir

1. Barcode

1.1. Structure

1.1.1. Numbers arent valid for a barcode Last number "7" should be "6"

1.1.2. Correct Barcode would be printed like this

1.1.3. Barcode is an EAN13+2 digit supplement An EAN-13+2 barcode has a start / middle / end sequence. The left most longer bars are always 101, the center long bars are always 01010, and the right most longer bars are always 101

1.1.4. The 28th bar is shorter than the others This could be an reference to the calendar badge

1.2. Content

1.2.1. The Valve barcode scans as 640509040147 Better known as the "Hitman Code" "64-05-09" denotes his date of birth "04" indicates Series IV "01" documents his class, "47" is the order in which he was cloned

1.2.2. The +2 supplement barcode with the “15” above it isn’t encoded correctly

1.2.3. Barcode read as binary 01011101 00110011 00010001 10100010 11001110 01010111 00111001 01100110 10111001 Base64: XTMRos5XOWa5 Hex: 5d 33 11 a2 ce 57 39 66 b9 Decimal: 93 51 17 162 206 87 57 102 185

1.2.4. The numbers under the Valve barcode don’t match the actual barcode Scanned Barode = 640509040147 Written Barcode = 940509990147 Correct Barcode = 940509990146

1.3. Removed!

2. Map

2.1. Arctic Map

2.2. Red Line

2.2.1. 1 Person: ??? Comic Place: ??? Reallife Place: Ellesmere Island

2.2.2. 2 Person: Zippy Comic Place: Workshop Reallife Place: Victoria Island or Banks Island Person: Monte

2.2.3. 3 Person: Holly Comic Place: Mistletoe Lounge Reallife Place: New Siberian Islands

2.2.4. 4 Comic Place: ??? Reallife Place: Svalbard, Longyearbyen City is know for its history of coal mining

2.3. Blue Line

2.3.1. 1 Person: ??? Comic Place: ??? Reallife Place: Baffin Island

2.3.2. 2 Person: Blasé Comic Place: Gallery Reallife Place: Severnaya Zemlya or Dikson (Диксон)

2.4. Black Line

2.4.1. 1 Object: Mistletoe A badge Comic Place: ??? Reallife Place: Alaska

2.4.2. 2 Person: ??? Comic Place: ??? Reallife Place: Greenland, Tasiilaq Headquarter of the Post Greenland

2.5. Orange spot

2.5.1. Person: ???

2.5.2. Comic Place: ???

2.5.3. Reallife Place: Iceland, Reykjavik

3. Other stuff

3.1. Confirmation of ARG?

3.1.1. Published to the Steam Translation Server

3.2. Hidden words

3.2.1. Day 1 Top: veyb (?) Bottom: nesse

3.2.2. Day 2 Top: ??? Bottom: er

3.2.3. Day 3 Top: ??? Bottom: nnesse

3.2.4. Day 7 "FiΩ" (Omagea) ???

3.3. Frequent appearance of the number three

3.3.1. Rule of three

3.3.2. Has nothing to do with Half-Life 3!

3.4. Directory 397a59ad

3.4.1. Day 1: ca1ef2ce Day 2: fbe2b441 Day 3: b11a634c Day 4: d2085828 Day 5: ac658b15 Day 6: bf0bba92 Day 7: 0b58b9fc Day 8: 6912b084 Day 9: 0ecd3702

3.4.2. Cache timestamp: t=1451407545

4. Persons

4.1. Zippy

4.1.1. Convict

4.1.2. Murdered on Christmas Eve

4.1.3. Likes: Shivs

4.1.4. Hates: Not using shivs

4.1.5. Silences those who questions Mrs. Claus

4.1.6. "Zippy was an ex-con that found new purpose as one of Ms. Claus’ leg breakers. An attack on Zippy is an attack on her."

4.2. Holly

4.2.1. Sings at the Mistletoe Lounge Song: "Santa Babys"

4.2.2. "Zippy was punching out of his weight class with this one. What did Holly see in him? Did she really love the ex-con? Or did she need him for protection?"

4.2.3. Mole for the South Pole

4.2.4. Has only four fingers on one hand

4.2.5. "Holly used Zippy to get a copy of Mrs. Claus’ itinerary… the Black Ice Boys could hit her anytime they want."

4.3. Monte

4.3.1. Foreman

4.3.2. Likes: Winning

4.3.3. Hates: Paying bookies

4.3.4. Lost his life savings playing the reindeer games

4.3.5. Has only four fingers on one hand

4.4. Blasé

4.4.1. Artiste

4.4.2. Likes: Foreign films with subtitles

4.4.3. Hates: Foreign films with dubbing

4.4.4. World's foremost authority on snowman expressionism

4.5. Twinkle

4.5.1. "Mafia"

4.5.2. Was at the Blitzen Incident

4.5.3. "Most elves liked singing songs, building toys, and baking cookies…but Twinkle was into nog running and sub-prime mortgages."

4.5.4. Has own Club Password is "Hot Toddies And Maseratis" Hot Toddy is a mixed drink made of liquor and water with honey (or, in some recipes, sugar), herbs (such as tea) and spices, and served hot. A Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer established on December 1, 1914, in Bologna. The Maserati tagline is "Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars", and the brand's mission statement is to "Build ultra-luxury performance automobiles with timeless Italian style, accommodating bespoke interiors, and effortless, signature sounding power". Password could mean "Sugar and spice (Hot Toddy) and everything nice (Maserati)"

4.6. Gingerbread Jake

4.6.1. Was at the Blitzen Incident

4.6.2. "It’s been 2 years since I’ve been to the NP… too many bad memories. But even though I’m not on the “nice list”, I’m glad Mrs. Claus called - I’m going to find whoever did this."

4.6.3. "They weren’t looking to kill me… just wanted to send a message: “leave it alone”. Problem is, I’ve never been able to leave it alone… just ask Santa, my ex-wife, or the Governor-General of Grenada." The Governor-General of Grenada only exists since 1974 when Grenada got their indepence and joined the Commonwealth realm Story takes place after 1974 not in the 40s or 60s

4.7. Taffy

4.7.1. Black Ice Boys "The Black Ice Boys were a crime syndicate from the South Pole. They’ve been looking to take Santa out for years… looks like they finally got the stones to take a shot at the big man."

4.7.2. South Pole

4.7.3. On Jake's Wall

4.7.4. "The leader of the Black Ice Boys, Taffy dreams of sitting in Santa’s throne and ruling the North Pole with an iron flipper." Gives Santa 3 days to close the shop and leave the North Pole

4.8. Sparkles

4.8.1. Baker

4.8.2. Likes: Snicker-doodles

4.8.3. Hates: Kale

4.8.4. Owns a shop: Sparkles Sweets

4.8.5. Has a crush on Dwayne Dwayne

4.9. Unknown

4.9.1. On Jake's Wall

4.10. Unknown

4.10.1. Follows Jake to Twinkle's Club

4.11. Mrs. Claus

4.11.1. Called Jake to investigate the murder on Zippy

4.11.2. Runs the "Toy Box". A place where all the presents for the kids on the Naughty List land. Santa doesn't know about it

4.11.3. "They [The penguins] took Mrs. Claus to "The Toy Box", a warehouse for all of the gifts that were intended for kids before they were placed on the naughty list." Toy Box:

4.12. Santa

4.12.1. Is too good to handle the Naughty List

4.13. Rhombus

4.13.1. Accountant

4.13.2. Likes: Colour Black

4.13.3. Hates: Colour Red

4.13.4. In addition to being a great accountant, rhombus is also an award winning salsa dancer

4.14. Other elves

4.14.1. Clementine Reindeer groomer Likes: Donner Hates: Blitzen Santa has forbidden Clementine to ever talk about "The Blitzen Incident"

4.14.2. Itsy Santa's Second Story elf Likes: Dogs Hates: Locks When a house has no chimney. Itsy is the elf Santa calls.

4.14.3. Silver Carpenter Likes: Cats on calendars Hates: Cats in person Silver is conflicted about his thoughts on cats

4.14.4. Tender Constructor of the North Pole Express Likes: Clocks Hates: Being late Tender has a pending lawsuit against otis. The sleigh hacker

4.14.5. Sage Head of Security Likes: Rules Hates: The Black market Sage is close to stopping the largest counterfeit jingle bell ring in the North Pole history

4.14.6. Ms. Cupcake Works for Mrs. Claus in the "Toys Box"

4.14.7. Dwayne Helps Ms. Cupcake in the "Toy Box"

5. Objects

5.1. Jake's Wall

5.1.1. D.O.A. Happened on the 2015/12/22 Start of the Winter Sale Two days before the murder Dead on Arrival ?

5.1.2. Chinese Symbols TOP: 萬事勝意 wànshì-shèng-yì = may everything exceed your expectations CENTER: 余 yú = remain Simple for 年年有餘

5.1.3. Calendar Same calendar

5.1.4. ROOTY TOOT-TOOTS | RUMMY TUM-TUMS Animated shortfilm from 1951 Song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” from 1934: What are rootie-toot-toots and rummy tum-tums?

5.1.5. Red Herring English idiom for something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue Blasé reffered to Snowman Artiste as Red Herring It is pinnend to the mistletoe lounge card

5.1.6. Red Car Monte is building such a car Could be a Maserati Badge

5.1.7. Blitzen Incident File A glove and a wish list lay besides Happened 2 years ago

5.1.8. Napkin From Holly Badge

5.1.9. Fingerprints Only 8 fingers. Most Characters have fiver fingers on one hand Except Holly and Monte

5.1.10. Sweets Badge

5.1.11. WANTED Mike ‘Santa’ Robertson HT 6’4” (193 cm) WT 175 (weight, 175lbs, 79kg) Armed Robbery Mike Robertson is a norwegian programmer who created MBBS (Mike's Bulletin Board System). This BBS was used in the Portal 2 ARG

5.1.12. Mugshot Steam mascots: Sir Roderick Bodkins, Tappet and Cyl

5.1.13. Grandma Mrs. Claus

5.1.14. Candy Cane Murder Weapon Badge

5.1.15. Mistletoe Lounge logo Badge

5.2. Blasé Gallery

5.2.1. Paintings "Ceci n'est pas une cane" Egg nog cans are a reference to Andy Warhol

6. Hidden Codes

6.1. New Card 2 Artwork

6.2. Card 6 Artwork

6.2.1. 794E2CEA991

6.3. Card 7 Artwork

6.3.1. Dungeon Master Symbols

6.3.2. 1. Power: LO (weak) 2. Elemental Influence: YA (earth) 3. Form: GOR (war) 4. Class-Alignment: KU (way of the warrior) GOR is the mightiest rune but has no meaning in the game

7. Password

7.1. In the header of product pages is a "nothingtoseeher.js"

7.1.1. It is a "json code"

7.1.2. It leds to this page

7.2. Go to any Product. Type “SEARCH” on the product page and press Enter. Now it asks for a password.

7.2.1. Hitman: Codename 47 with "94050999014715" (Barcode) gives "ic/4f21ca7" gives the soundfile 1fce82a72c633.wav A man says (probably Gingebread Jake): “I was on the right track. I could feel it. Tomorrow I was going to search again”

7.2.2. Grim Fandango Remastered (Found with "blitzen incident” in normal search) with "Hot toddies and maseratis" (Page 6) Redirects to Undertale

7.2.3. Undertale (see above) with "Bullet Hell" (Steam Tag) Redirects to Ikaruga

8. The mind map is outdated. Please use this doc: