U.S Imperialism

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U.S Imperialism da Mind Map: U.S Imperialism

1. Teller amendment

1.1. An amendment that stopped the United States from annexing Cuba

1.2. It allowed the U.S to have troops but because of the platt amendment they had to pull them out of Cuba

2. Platt amendment

2.1. An amendment that in the aftermath of the Spanish and american war, made Cuba lease land to the U.S

2.1.1. It stopped Cuba from making treaties with other countries Basically it made Cuba a colony of the U.S

3. A sens e of pride in ones country

4. Nationalism

5. This was a Gateway to propaganda that would move the American people against the Colombians.

5.1. Which subsequently allowed the U.S to free then take over Cuba

5.1.1. "

6. A ship that sunk for unknown causes.

7. Colonies

7.1. Were created to better control countries and to monitor assets

7.2. Panama Canal is one such example

8. Imperialism

8.1. The act of another country occupying another for a supply or service I.E., the Panama Canal

9. USS Maine

10. Open door policy

10.1. Allowed free trade in China

10.1.1. This was big because it allowed any person regardless of nationality to trade in China