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Prefixes da Mind Map: Prefixes

1. mis-

2. Meaning: after

3. Example: I asked my computer what does postscript means. No answer yet.

3.1. Example: My computer is made on international standard.

3.2. Meaning: not, or away

4. Example: New computers are so fast it's insane.

5. Meaning: not

5.1. Meaning: again, or back

6. Example: My operating system is improbable to crush.

7. anti-

8. Meaning: not

9. Example: You know that that files you're downloading are illegal, right?

10. auto-

11. Example: He just got disconnected.

12. Meanint: not

13. Example: Her mobile works irregular.

14. in-

15. il-

15.1. dis-

16. Meaning: not

17. im-

18. Example: I misspelled some words writing an e-mail.

19. Meaning: wrong

20. ir-

21. Meaning: self

22. Example: My computer automatically deleted those files.

23. inter-

24. Meaning: between

25. post-

26. Meaning: against or opposite to

27. Example: My computer clock is going anticlockwise.

28. pre-

29. Meaning: before

30. Example: Man, your computer is prehistoric!

31. pro-

32. Meaning: across

33. Example: They failed to transport my new hardware correctly.

34. un-

35. Meaning: not, or in reverse

36. Example: I left my text message unfinished.

37. re-

38. Example: I just rewrited the whole text by accident!

39. sub-

40. Meaning: under

41. Example: My computer is just substandard.

42. super-

43. Meaning: for, or forward

44. Example: My ICT company just proposed me a new contract.

45. trans-

46. Meaning: above

47. Example: With this new I-phone I feel superhuman! I can do everything!