PhD BM213 Risk Management

Risk Management

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PhD BM213 Risk Management by Mind Map: PhD BM213 Risk Management

1. Learning Tasks

1.1. Presentation of assigned topic

1.1.1. Mind map

1.1.2. Slides

1.1.3. Written report

1.2. Active participation in group discussions

1.3. Critical thinking exercises

1.3.1. Essays

1.3.2. Course project

1.3.3. Course synthesis

1.3.4. Book review

1.3.5. Other assignments

2. Topics

2.1. Introduction to Risk Management Principles

2.2. Environmental Risk

2.3. Health and Safety Risk Management

2.4. Project Risk Management

2.5. Operational Risk

2.6. Supply Chain Risk Management

2.7. Cybersecurity

2.8. Brand Risk

2.9. Human Capital Risk

2.10. An Aggregated Approach to Risk Analysis

2.11. Managing Common Financial Risks

2.12. The Role of Insurance in Enterprise Risk Management

2.13. Risk Culture

2.14. The Role of the Board of Directors in Risk Management

2.15. Political Risk

2.16. Strategic Risk: The Risks “of” and “to” a Strategy

2.17. Risk Management Structure

3. Grading Scheme