Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. Classroom Management

1.1. Organized classroom space

1.2. Organized classroom time

1.3. Valuable asset -teacher's voice

1.4. Being able to deal with difficult situation

2. The teacher in the classroom

2.1. Physically demostrative

2.2. To be able to respond to what happens in class

2.3. To be aware of what is going on

3. Using the voice

3.1. Audibility

3.1.1. Speaking too softly or unpleasantly loudly both are irritating and unhelpful for students

3.1.2. Teachers need to be audible

3.2. Conservation

3.2.1. Vary the voices, avoiding shouting wherever possible

3.3. Variety

3.3.1. The quality of the teachers' voices

3.3.2. Speaking quietly is often just as effective a way of getting the students' attention

4. Proximity

4.1. To be conscious of how close the teachers should be to the students

4.2. Distance is a sign of coldness

5. Appropriacy

5.1. To manage a class effectively, such as relationship is crucial.

5.2. To work with them is a matter of appropriacy.

6. Movement

6.1. Walking from side to side, or striding up and down the aisles between the chairs.

6.2. Teachers should be in constantly motion

7. Awareness

7.1. The teacher has to be aware of what students are doing

7.2. How the students are feeling, watching and listening carefully as teaching to them

7.3. Theachers have to be able to perceive the success or failure in the classroom

7.4. Teachers have to be conscious as posible of what is going on in the students' heads

8. Talking to students

8.1. The manner in which they interact with them is one of the crucial teacher skills

8.2. To be attempt to establish eye contact and the form of physical contact.

8.3. Their vocabulary is generally more restricted than would do if they were talking to adults

8.4. Use physical movements and gestures

9. Giving instructions

9.1. There are two general rules for giving instructions: they must be kept as simple as possible, and they must be logical.

10. Student talk and teacher talk

10.1. If a teacher talks and talks, the students will have less time for other things, such as reading and writing

10.2. A good teacher maximizes STT and minimizes TTT.


12. By: Nely Yessenia Mejía Portillo