GOING TO VS WILL (Future Tense)

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GOING TO VS WILL (Future Tense) by Mind Map: GOING TO VS WILL (Future Tense)

1. I will buy the car

2. Sub+verb to be(is, are, am+not+going to+infinitive verb

3. Intentions

3.1. I am not going to buy a new tv the next weekend

4. Positive

4.1. Sub+verb to be+going to+infinitive verb

5. Long form

6. Will they swim in the lake?

7. I'm going to learn english

8. We will cook vegetables

8.1. I'll buy the car

9. Contracted form

9.1. We'll cook vegetables

10. She is not going to clean the kitchen

11. They are not going to fail the exam, because they studied

12. I will love you forever.

13. WILL

13.1. Offers

13.1.1. Predictions without evidence It will rain during 2 weeks

13.2. Threat

13.2.1. If you tell them, I will call you.

13.3. Rapid decision

13.3.1. I will help you clean your car.

13.4. Promise

14. will+infinitive


15.1. Future plans

15.1.1. She is going to eat pizza today

15.2. Predictions

16. Form

16.1. Positive

16.1.1. Sub+will+infinitive verb+complement

16.2. Negative

16.2.1. Sub+won't+infinitive verb+complement

16.3. Questions

16.3.1. I will get you a drink

16.3.2. Will+sub+infinitive verb+complement

16.4. Examples:

16.4.1. *You will call me tonight

16.4.2. *We won't win the lottery

17. going to+ infintive

17.1. Long form

17.1.1. I am going to learn english

17.2. Contracted form

17.3. She isn´t going to clean the kitchen