Technology enhanced learning. By R. Viktoraviciene and S.Jakubsone

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Technology enhanced learning. By R. Viktoraviciene and S.Jakubsone by Mind Map: Technology enhanced learning. By R. Viktoraviciene and  S.Jakubsone

1. is broadly synonymous with...

1.1. e-learning

1.2. distance learning

1.3. web based training and etc.

1.4. online learning

1.5. multimedia learning

1.6. internet based training

2. The use of technology

2.1. describe the application of information and communication technologies to teaching and learning

2.2. describe the broad approach to using technology to support teaching and learning processes, design and delivery, to enhance learning

2.3. multimedia and the Internet of Things have brought opportunities

2.4. are the key tasks in developing smart schools or individual learning applications at home based on Multimedia technologies.

2.5. encompass any educational situation where technology is being utilised to help people learn

2.6. aims to design, develops and test socio-technical innovations that will support and enhance learning practices of both individuals and organizations.

2.7. application pays greater attention to the interconnection between multimodal interactive technologies and information systems to the maximum extent possible.

2.8. can include both hardware and software.

3. technology plays a significant role in making learning more effective, efficient or enjoyable.

4. Learning transformations

4.1. has the potential to transform education and to raise the level of education globally

4.2. makes new forms of collaborative and personalized learning experiences a reality

4.3. being enhancing the quality of learning and teaching

4.4. meeting student expectations and improving access to learning for students off campus in any context

4.5. a combination of both online and face-to-face environments provides a positive student experience with better academic outcomes

5. benefits

5.1. enhanced engagement

5.2. flexible learning

5.3. long distance collaboration

5.4. asynchronous communication

5.5. time management skills

5.6. generic attributes

5.7. enhanced pedagogical practice

5.8. in some instances enhanced learning outcomes