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1. GET + adjective/past participle:

1.1. GET MARRIED: We're getting married next year - the wedding will be in August.

1.2. GET DIVORCED: Brenda got divorced ten years ago, and she hasn't seen her ex-husband since!

1.3. GET ANGRY: My sister gets really angry when I borrow her clothes without telling her.

1.4. GET TIRED: It's late and I'm getting tired. Let's go home.

1.5. GET DARK: The theater/cinema is getting dark - I think the movie/film is starting!

1.6. GET LOST: Philip got lost in the NYC subway and had to ask for directions to Times Square

2. GET + comparative adjective:

2.1. GET BETTER: Larissa's getting better at dancing. She practices every day.

2.2. GET WORSE: If your headache gets worse, you should see a doctor.

2.3. GET MORE EXPENSIVE: It's getting more and more expensive to buy an apartment in Rio de Janeiro.

2.4. GET SAFER: buying things online has gotten safer with tools like PayPal.

2.5. GET MORE IMPORTANT: It's getting more important to speak multiple languages in today's globalized world.

2.6. GET DEEPER: Be careful - the water gets deeper quickly on that side of the pool.

3. GET + preposition/adverb (phrasal verbs):

3.1. GET UP: My alarm clock goes off at 6.30, but I don't get up until 7.35.

3.2. GET ALONG WITH: I get along really well with my colleagues. They're a pleasure to work with.

3.3. GET INTO: How did the dog get into the house? He's supposed to stay outside!

3.4. GET OUT: Randall got out of the car to check the tires.

3.5. GET AROUND: It's very easy to get around Berlin - there's a great subway system.

3.6. GET TOGETHER: My family always gets together for major holidays like Christmas and New Year's.

4. GET + TO + a place / GET + home/there = ARRIVE

4.1. GET TO THE OFFICE: My boss always gets to the office by 7.30 am.

4.2. GET TO SCHOOL: Sarah got to school late and missed her first class.

4.3. GET TO THE TRAIN STATION: When they got to the train station, they realized

4.4. GET TO THE STORE: Hurry up! I want to get to the store before it closes.

4.5. GET HERE/THERE: I don't know exactly where the post office is. Could you tell me how to get there?

4.6. GET HOME: I had to work overtime, so I didn't get home until midnight.

4.6.1. GET a present: I got lots of presents for my birthday this year.


5.1. GET an e-mail: Did you get my e-mail?

5.2. GET grades: If you get good grades in high school, you can get into a good college.

5.3. GET a certification: I got my scuba diving certification last year.

5.4. GET an award: Ted got an award for being the best salesperson in the company.


6.1. GET a job: Tanya moved to Los Angeles because she got a job there.

6.2. GET an apartment: I got this computer just last month, and it's already broken.

6.3. GET a computer: I got this computer just last month, and it's already broken.

6.4. GET a jacket: That's a really nice dress! Where did you get it?

6.5. GET shoes: I got these shoes in Barcelona.

6.6. GET (something) for a good price: We got this TV for a good price during the spring sale.