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Green October 2007 by Mind Map: Green October 2007
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Green October 2007

October Events

Economic Forum

October 3rd

Sustainable Cascadia

Sustainable Community Development

David Suzuki

Space for convening, Scallops, Roots of Change, Bioregion

Beaming Bioneers

Interra roll out

Take back the mike!

Sustainable Ballard Festival



Local Food


Carbon Diet

Water Wisdom

NW Ecobuilders

People for Puget Sound'

Project Participants


Brittany Jacobs, BGI, Interra

Erick McWayne, Bioneers, NW Environmental Education Council

Sandra Poulson, Sustainable Cascadia

Jenny Heins, Sustainable Ballard

Tova Ramer, Interra

Vic Opperman, Sustainable Ballard

Shannon, Bioneers, NW Environmental Education Council

Nathan, BGI, Interra

Marcus Berg

Jon Ramer, Interra


Salmon Nation

Sustainable Industries

Kathy Fletcher


Project Purpose

Co-creating the "Green October 2007" community marketing campaign

Putting a public face on it

Combining assets in our community

Reaching out to those that are questioning

Co-marketing Cooperative

Group aligned self interest

Meeting Management

Mon June 04 Agenda

Check-in and Intros, What attracted you?

Brainstorm Stakeholders and Events

Event Content Production, Website, Transportation Routes, google transit, By Location, By Date, By Areas of Focus, Poster, Cards, Newspaper Inserts, Greenpass

Event Content Dissemination, Distribution for Content Users, the public, Distribution for Content Disseminators

Mon June 18 Agenda


Check-in, Shannon, Erick, Brittany, Sandra, Nathan, Jenny, Jon & Tova

Brainstorming and theming

Sustainable Cascadia, Cascadia Convergence update

Resources, making, website, poster, postcard, sharing, media, Connecting to our printed material, Connecting to our websites, participation at pre-october events

Other people to invite to the table, Draft invitation, Interested in collaboration, Large networks, Candidates, Youth, Schools, PTA, Power of Hope, Interfaith, Arts, VERA project, Business, Rotary, Government, Department of Neighborhoods, Foundations, Pet Owners, Nursery, Event Producers, Sustainable September, Green Everett, Third Place Books, Connectors, Greendrinks, Charles Earnest, Phil Mitchell, Habib, Aaron Kahn, Susan Gleason

Action Items, Everyone gets a log in, Organizer's blog, Banner/button, Hi-res banner for printed materials, links off banner image to city categories, Organizers' resources, buttons, instructions, FAQ

Set a time to meet again, June 25, 9:30 AM

Mon June 25 Agenda


Brainstorming & Theming

Participants, When & How to involve them?

Review Website

Interface with Calendars

Create Posters and Stickers

Media Buy

Expand the Organizers, Eco-Builders

Mon July 09 Agenda



Where are we?

Update, Invitation to the Seed Group, Promotion at the Interfaith Leadership Summit

What's Next, Wednesday


Timeline, July, New node, August, September

Vision / Goals, Reach more people, Reach out to new folks, Connecting the resources, Collective message, Ongoing collaboration

Work Product, Website, Posters, Post Cards, GO Mark, Puget Sound, Puget Sound with Locations, Green October 2007, Press Release, E-Blast

Mon July 30 Agenda

Check in

Sponsorship Proposal, Our Offering, SIJ, Real Change and Conscious Choice, Other Relationships Emerging, Fresh Squeeze

Final, Final, Final Edits on Press Release, on website?

Organizers Meeting

Timeline, Printing, 8/1 - Announce site, press release, poster e-blast, 8/4 - Evo event, Concsious Choice deadline, 8/15 - Poster printed, 8/20 - 1st poster distribution, 9/20 - 2nd poster dist., 10/4 - 3rd poster dist.?

Sustainable Septembers

Media Kit


Assets, Web Site, Logo, Mark, Bug

Project Roles

What can someone be accountable for?

Contributor of Event Information

Disseminator for Event Information, Networkers, Connector

Sponsor, Contributor of Resources, Cash, In-Kind Sources

Member of the Seed Team

Seed Team

Organizers Blog

Prominent presence on the print materials


Web Site, Event Listing, For Free

Print, For a Fee, Standard, $250, Enlarged, $500, Event Names

Commercials, PSA, Media


People/organizations we invite to be contributors to the project

GO Sponsors

Levels, 1 Premiere, $5,000, Website, Logo Page, Print, Logo Section, If they have an event, their event is enlarged, 4 Mid Level, $2,500, Website, Print, Event Name Text Size, 10 Third Tier, $1,000, Website Only

Benefits, Print, Poster, Event Name Size, 1, SEED Team Plus Mayor, 2, Enlarged Size, $500, 3, Standard Size, $250, Postcard, Bookmark, Flyers, Website, Sponsor Page, Events, Table Exposure, Media, KING FM, KOMO

Commissions, SEED Team members may sell sponsorships, 20% commission is paid to SEED Team members

Anticipated Questions (FAQ)

What is a green event?

Can Erik donate graphics?

What is the geographical boundary?

What isn't a green event?

How do I learn how to post events

Shared Resources

NW Passport




Areas of Focus

Rotate events


Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound,

Sustainable Cascadia Media Contacts

Radio, Clear Channel Stations, KUBE 93, Enter Com, 4 Stations plus editorial, CBS, Community Supported Radio, KCBS, KEXP, KCER, KOAS

TV, KOMO 4, Q 13 FOX, KIRO 7, KING 5

Print, Conscious Choice, YES Magazine

Poster Production

Available Space, Green October, URL, Events Identified, Cash for Production, Time on Seed Team, Instructions on how to get involved

Font Size

Three Editions, July, August, September

Poster Distribution

Poster Companies


Local Media

Conscious Choice



Seattle PI, website, add blogs

Advisors, Earned Media



Reclaim the Media


King County Metro, In motion







Youth Give

High Schools


Community Groups

Green Drinks

Duwamish River Clean-Up

Other Events

Pre-October Events

June, Sustainable Solstice, Sustainable Commons, Climate Action Initiative

July, Roosevelt Bull Moose Festival, Sustain-a-Bull Place



Seafood Fest


Events beyond October

April, Green Fest


We would like you to consider joining with us.

We are aware that you are producing an event in October

Our intention is to increase cooperation and generate broader public awareness and participation in sustainability related events.

We are working cooperatively to co-market the month of October as Green October

Date, place and time

July 9th, 9:30 AM, NW Environmental Education Council

July 11th, 7 Pm to 8:30 PM, NW Environmental Education Council, 650 South Orcas Street, Suite 220, 98108

At this meeting we will discuss a variety of ways that you can contribute and benefit from participation.


If you can't attend...

Add your event to the site

Expand your event description


Procedures for adding events

GO Activities

Organizers Meetings

August 15th

Tabling at August and September Events