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#1: Position the SMTE Policy ASPA as a collective that provides NAfME with white papers, policy analyses, and other information to inform the legislative, policy, advocacy agenda.

#2: To collaborate with SMTE membership and APSAs to support their efforts by providing resources and information regarding policy that is pertinent to their efforts.

3: Serving as a clearing house for information relating to current and future policy issues.

#4: To provide teachers, administrators, and teacher educators with opportunities to get information about and engage with policy.

Supporting Beginning Music Teachers

Toolkit and Communication

New Music Teacher Support Guidelines for MEAs & State Music Organizations

Regional Beginning Music Teacher PD Outreach

Prof. Dev. for Experienced Teachers

For NAfME Atlanta 2016: a colloquium related to the need for various perspectives on reflection on pedagogy based on teachers’ needs at three different times in their career, BUT with the caveat that experienced teachers need autonomy and choice to choose and initiate their own PD based on their own awareness of their personal needs.

A refreshing and updating of the NAfME PD eKit into an infographic (something easily sharable and social media-compatible)

A survey to determine what kind of PD teachers are participating in, and why, and asking them what would be helpful in their specific context. This is designed to get at the issue of equitable access to PD: we have anecdotal evidence that access to meaningful, sustained, musical PD varies greatly across types of districts (urban, rural, and suburban)

Investigation of a grant to offer inclusive, equitable PD opportunities for experienced teachers through use of online platforms.

Teacher Retention

Quantitative study of music teacher satisfaction

Book compilation of a collection of teacher narratives on various aspects of teacher retention

MTEs: Identification, Preparation & Prof. Dev.

Expand the track of presentations for doctoral students and early-career MTEs at SMTE symposia and NAfME conferences

Expand the track of presentations for mid-career and later-career MTEs at SMTE symposia and NAfME conferences

Focus on various MTE mentoring needs (e.g., job interviews, research writing, mentoring network across institutions for lone MTEs at particular institutions)

Teacher Recruitment

Replicating the work of Dave Rickels, Ed Hoffman, & Bill Frederickson – “A comparative analysis of influences on choosing a music teaching occupation."

Replicating the work of Fred Burrack, Phil Payne, Ann Porter, & Bill Frederickson – “Encouraging students to consider music education as a future profession.”

A content analysis of university music department/music education program web pages.

Program Admission, Assessment & Alignment

Admissions processes for transfer students in music education programs.

Benchmarks (decision points) in place at various schools

Barriers in place that prevent students from entering or progressing through a music education program

Music Teacher Socialization…name change coming soon

Emergent frameworks for multiple case studies (Meta-analysis) Spaces through which music teacher identity is constructed or challenged

Music teacher identity as marginalized within the music profession

Critical Examination of the Curriculum

Multiple Case Study of Music Teachers’ Daily Practices Utilizing a PCSK Lens

Music Education Degree Analysis of Music Education Degrees in China Using PCSK as a Lens

BOOM! Creative Deconstruction and New Conceptions of Music Education Curricula

Piano Proficiency Survey

Exploring Terminology and Other Aspects of Creative Musicianship

A Vague Beginning of a Direction

Review of Literature: A Discussion of Reflective Practices Enacted in Preservice Curricula

Cultural Diversity & Social Justice

Straddling Intersecting Spaces: A Case Study Reader of Voices from the Margins of Music Education

Musical and Cultural Identities

Addressing reasons why MTEs don’t address Social Justice Issues in MTE Coursework.

SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR ACTUAL MUSIC EDUCATORS… reaching out to inservice teachers.

Teacher Evaluation Navigation: how are ED TPA and other teacher cert tests affecting the diversity of our students/teaching force?

Power, Space, Access, and Curricula

School/University Partnerships

Finalize and submit a presentation proposal for NAfME Conference in March

Collect descriptions of relevant school-university partnerships that are equitable and inclusive

Revise and distribute the school-university partnership in music education survey

Teacher Evaluation

A collaborative research project asking “What are the evaluative experiences and needs of mid-career music educators?”

A professional development proposal to CMPL strand of NAfME Atlanta focused on highlighting cases demonstrative of current evaluator-evaluatee practices across varied contexts and hierarchies (for a K-12 music administrator audience).

A collaborative research project exploring cooperating teachers’ experiences in working with student teachers completing their capstone assessments

A colloquium proposal for the SMTE strand of NAfME Atlanta created in partnership with the Policy ASPA entitled “Pre-Service Teacher Evaluation: Policy and Practices”