2. Business Planning Webinar 6 Aug 19 Example: Garden Retreats

Biggerplate Webinar - Business Planning - (2 of 4) Founder Thoughts

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2. Business Planning Webinar 6 Aug 19 Example: Garden Retreats by Mind Map: 2. Business Planning Webinar 6 Aug 19 Example: Garden Retreats

1. A manufacturing business set up by a wealthy businessman who wanted a place to retreat from his hectic business and social life to recharge his batteries

1.1. Being UK based, he was used to variable weather

1.2. Was unsure what other countries would be appropriate for such buildings

1.3. This plan UK to start

2. Summary of founder's thoughts

3. He identified that these buildings would be placed in large gardens and should be made of aluminium and glass

3.1. He wanted it to be moveable - able to relocate in different garden spaces

3.2. He wanted strength of aluminium, but lightweight

3.3. He wanted no maintenance (no painting or replacing failing materials, plastics or wood)

3.4. He wanted glass options from tinted to clear and variations for filtering sun rays

4. He wanted an environment that allowed the maximum interface with nature

4.1. Sun

4.1.1. Light

4.1.2. Warmth

4.2. Rain, snow

4.2.1. sound of rain falling, but be dry!

4.2.2. snow for fun

4.3. Scent

4.3.1. garden flowers

4.3.2. cut grass

4.4. Wind

4.4.1. fresh air

4.4.2. sound of the wind in the trees

4.5. Observing animals

4.5.1. birds

4.5.2. squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs

4.5.3. occasional fox

4.5.4. occasional deer

5. Garden Retreats 1-3-5 Plan

6. He wanted an environment that provided maximum comfort whilst being sustainable and maintaining the connection with nature

6.1. Seating

6.2. Wide opening doors

6.3. all round vision - seeing as much of garden as possible

6.4. Ventilation windows to vary levels of air flow

6.5. Heating & cooling

6.5.1. Solar power?

6.5.2. Wind power?

6.6. Utilities

6.6.1. Fridge

6.6.2. Bar

6.6.3. Coffee/tea making

7. He identified these as core elements for creating a 'retreat'

7.1. Build - materials and quality

7.2. Nature - context (garden)

7.3. Sustainable - equally human and environment friendly