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Sourcing Map by Mind Map: Sourcing Map

1. Data Scientists

1.1. Kaggle

1.1.1.* "(kyiv OR kiev) : Ukraine" "last seen *" "data scientist"

1.2. DataScienceCentral

1.2.1. ukraine

2. Technical Sourcing

2.1. Software Engineers

2.1.1. о себе -inurl:activities devops intitle:(c# AND ".net") inurl:articles python киев b2b OR enterprise -inurl:(photos|offices|reviews|poll|vacancies)

2.1.2. HabraHabr inurl:/users/ java

2.1.3. Telegram Telegago (Google CSE) Telemetr - Аналитика Телеграм-каналов

2.1.4. Github Search Tools Git Awards Octohunt Hireables developerDB CodeStatistics - Developer Sourcing & Analytics Github's Advanced Search location:kiev location:ukraine location:kyiv location:киев location:київ language:python followers:5..1500 Google X-Ray "contributions in the last year" <keyword1> <keyword2> <location> inurl:(resume|CV|"curriculum vitae"|vitae) filetype:(pdf OR DOC OR docx OR txt OR html OR htm OR xml OR odt) <location> site:* inurl:(cv|resume) <keyword1> <keyword2> inurl:authors django inurl:authors PHP inurl:authors <company_name> Screening Tools TalentSignals - Understand GitHub users, find their friends CoderStats - View Statistics for Millions of GitHub Users Gitstalk CoderStats link for Github Coders

2.1.5. StackOverflow Find contactable developers by tag, location and other Search by 2 Tags & Location Find developers in your city Search developers on location and multiple skills Users whose might have an Email address Users with Gold Badges Related to a Given Tag Russian users with complete profiles Search StackOverflow Google Chrome Extension

2.1.6. Coderwall ukraine

2.1.7. HackerRank Google CSE HackerRank ukraine

2.1.8. TopCoder ukraine

2.2. Designers

2.2.1. Behance Behance Advanced Search Google X-ray Search

2.2.2. dribbble "hire me" skills <keyword1> <location> -inurl:designers ELSEWHERE skills designer UKRAINE -inurl:designers

2.2.3. codepen “followers” “pens” “projects” -inurl:followers “hire me” (“location1” | “location2” | “location3") "followers" "pens" "projects" -inurl:pens ("location1" | "location2")

2.2.4. Awwwards "from ukraine" -inurl:awards

2.2.5. Slack FIND Slofile - Discover Slack communities ENGAGE Slack Message Sender | Phantombuster Slack Channel User Extractor | Phantombuster

3. Contacts Finding

3.1. Nymeria

3.2. Hiretual

3.3. ContactOut

3.4. Improver

3.5. PreContact Tool

3.6. RocketReach

3.7. ZapInfo

3.8. FullContact

3.9. Clearbit

3.10. Adorito

3.11. Pipl

3.12. Spokeo

4. Non Technical Sourcing

4.1. Digital Marketing, Product People, Creatives, Content etc.

4.1.1. Quora <position_title> <location> Google CSE Quora

4.1.2. Medium inurl:followers (“job_title” OR “keyword”) inurl:followers (“job_title” OR “keyword”) “Also tagged <tag_name>” inurl:has-recommended “article_name“

4.1.3. Meetup location:Kyiv "member since" inurl:members intitle:Kyiv intitle:(python OR django) (intitle:"meetup groups" OR intitle:meetups) inurl:Kyiv Meetup Finder

4.1.4. WordPress WordPress Search Engine “content marketing”(blog OR blogging OR blogged) AND Facebook AND Twitter AND “web 2.0″(resume OR CV OR Vitae) “Finance Manager” (audit OR auditing OR auditor) (CPA OR CFA OR CIA OR CISA OR CFE) Certified (resume OR CV OR profile OR “about me”) -job -jobs inurl:/wp-content/uploads/ (CV OR resume OR “curriculum vitae”) filetype:pdf -sample -example ukraine

4.2. Bus Devs, Support, Sales, Accounting, Marketing, Administrative, Legal etc.

4.2.1. LinkedIn Google X-Ray (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) "location <keyword>, *" -inurl:(profiles|jobs|dir|group|pulse) "500 million other" <keyword> <location> ("* * years|yrs|experience of|in|with * *"|"expertise of|in|with * "|" proficiency with * "|" proficient with * *"|"knowledge of|in|with * *") <keywords> ("relocation to"|"open * relocation"|"willing * move"|"will * relocate"|"willing * relocate"|"ready * relocate"|"able to relocate"|"ability * relocate"|"open * relocation"|"open * relocate") -recruiter -inurl:dir <keywords> ("new opportunities"|"looking for position "|"seeking role"|"looking for role*"|"available for"|"actively seeking at"|"seeking full time"|"seeking work"|"new opportunity"|"new job"|"actively looking for"|"looking for") -inurl:(profiles|jobs|help|dir|groups|pulse|company) <keywords> OR -pub.dir intitle:"chief financial officer" ukraine BOOLEAN Refernce Tables

4.2.2. OR -pub.dir intitle:facebook

4.2.3. Facebook Facebook Graph Search Links Search is Back! Facebook Graph Search Generator Facebook Intersect Search Tool | Open Source Intelligence | Australia | OSINT Combine Facebook Graph Search Operators by Paul Mayers

5. Job Boards

5.1. Non-tech Roles

5.1.1. HeadHunter




5.2. Tech Roles




5.2.4. dribbble

5.2.5. Behance

5.2.6. Product Hunt

5.2.7. StackOverflow

5.3. Remote



5.4. JD Optimisation

5.4.1. Free Joblint Gender Decoder: find subtle bias in job ads Job Grader | Drafted Natural Language Understanding Automatic Readability Checker Textdiver How do your job pages score? | Job Page Grader by Ph.Creative Free Plagiarism Checker | Completely Free Online Detector IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

5.4.2. Paid Write your best with Grammarly. Mosaictrack is matching people to jobs based on skill and team culture TapRecruit - Make Evidence-Based Recruiting Decisions Textio | The augmented writing platform


6.1. Google CSEs

6.1.1. Google Custom Search Engines X-ray sites Documents Storage (G Suite, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.) Documents by Service SlideShare CVs Search for PDFs Documents by format LINKEDIN more:p:person-role:django*python django python Documents by Type GITHUB more:p:person-homelocation:kiev LinkedIn Hidden Resumes CSE

6.2. Googling the Web

6.2.1. developer Ukraine resume -example -sample -samples -jobs

6.2.2. Ukraine “* *” -example -sample -samples -jobs

6.2.3. intitle:resume -example

6.2.4. filetype:xlsx name title company email attendee list conference ukraine

6.2.5. filetype:xlsx name title company email CEO CTO CIO

6.2.6. filetype:xlsx " "" recruiter "talent acquisition" kiev OR kyiv

6.2.7. intitle:"contact list" " "" ukraine OR moscow

6.2.8. intitle:"member directory" sergey vladimir andrey

6.2.9. lisa dave "attendee list" HR IT

6.2.10. " "" "" "" "software developer"

6.2.11. resume "account executive" kiev OR kyiv -example -sample -samples -template - templates

6.2.12. resume java server engineer ukraine ""

6.2.13. cv "chartered accountant" moscow -sample -example -template

6.3. Facebook OSINT Tools

6.3.1. peoplefindThor - the easy way to find people on Facebook

6.3.2. OSINT Search Tool by IntelTechniques | Open Source Intelligence

6.3.3. Facebook Search Tool by Bob Brasich @NetBootCamp

6.3.4. Research Clinic - list of Facebook Graph Search operators 2018