CCC- Restoring Decision Making Power Back to People

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CCC- Restoring Decision Making Power Back to People by Mind Map: CCC- Restoring Decision Making Power Back to People

1. Problem VS Solution. [P] Representative Democracy VS [S] Direct Democracy, Citizens Convention of Consent (CCC)

1.1. [P] - Representative Democracy (R.D) (currently used)

1.1.1. P. Our Representatives are not legally bound to act on our behalf

1.1.2. P. Our vote legally takes our decision making capabilities and gives them away to our Representatives (reps). P. Reps do not divulge their true intentions. Our selected and unselected reps talk openly & persuasively about helping people to win votes. P. Reps are influenced by personal benefit & separate strategies with other groups that go against what is good for the average person. P. Our reps are not legally bound to act on our behalf, no legal ramifications for going against what the people want. P. Not justiciable (subject to trial in a court of law.) therefore judges cannot rule on our democratic system because it is the will of the people that rules not the politicians. P. R.D Keeps us under de facto governance.

1.2. [S] - Direct Democracy (D.D) Citizens Convention of Consent (CCC) in this example:

1.2.1. S. We keep our decision making power through 'D.D'. There are many forms of Direct Democracy, it isn’t a “ONE SIZE” fits all.

1.2.2. S. D.D is a De jure practice. (backed by / according to law) while R.D is de facto (current practice but not recognized by law) Definition of de facto: A de facto government is one which has seized power by force or in any other unconstitutional method and governs in spite of the existence of a de jure government. (Duhaime’s law dictionary) NOTHING in LAW supersedes the WILL of the PEOPLE in regards to our GOVERNANCE. (Majority rules?) Currently it appears the people want a R.D. An edcated guess would say the people have been won over with false promises.

1.2.3. Must stop voting in the R.D system (unlawful system!) and to restore power back to people using a lawful system (D.D), + to restore a lawful system!!

1.2.4. S. Learn more & ESign now for D.D @ S. Thus We lawfully and legally become the final decision making authority in CANADA instead of politicians in a R.D. S. This will help Canadians to collectively enforce the Canada Crown Corporations Act, demand that the Supreme Court enforce the Constitutional changes of 1931, the further Constitutional changes of 1982 that legally placed the people ABOVE the Institutions (Government, Parliament, the courts), and the Constitution, as the lawful legal shareholders of the Crown and Crown Corporation of Canada and then issue moratoriums on all: International trade deals and laws. All negotiations regarding our natural and human resources. Trilateral North American Treaties to reinstate our Canadian military sovereignty. Moratorium: a temporary prohibition of an activity. Canadian People’s Union which is ‘not’ a labor union. It is a union of Canadians as owners/shareholders in the Crown Corporation of Canada. For legal purposes the word Union is essential.

2. See the ACTION PLAN.

3. Referendum Initiated by Citizens (R.I.C) VS Citizens Convention of Consent (CCC)

3.1. RIC: Can be veto'd by Government!

3.1.1. (not final decision making authority)

3.2. CCC: Cannot be veto'd!

3.2.1. CCC is already a Peoples referendum

3.2.2. (final decision making authority) View the ACTION PLAN HERE!: