Creating a trailer

Creating a trailer assignment

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Creating a trailer by Mind Map: Creating a trailer

1. Task of making a trailer

1.1. Technical

1.1.1. Software manipulation

1.2. Creative

1.2.1. Successful methods

1.2.2. Craft Recognize the communication needs of the product (trailer) Communicate with a voice

1.2.3. Inventiveness

2. Put the files in Google Drive

2.1. Video and audio files

2.2. MLT file

2.2.1. The project file

2.3. Create a Google Document

3. Steps to follow

3.1. Set up your work space

3.1.1. Download files

3.2. Set the project dimensions

3.2.1. 2048 by 872

3.2.2. By using media Import the movie file and place it on the timeline Check

3.2.3. From scratch

3.2.4. Save MLT

3.3. Extract video segments for the trailer

3.3.1. Marking in and out segments in the source file

3.3.2. Drag to the timeline

3.3.3. Save

3.4. Add written information

3.4.1. Title screen 5 seconds

3.4.2. Credits 10 seconds

3.4.3. We need a background for it GIMP 2048 by 872

3.5. Improvements

3.5.1. Crossfades

3.5.2. Add music 1-minute It can "bleed" towards the title and the end credits

3.6. Rendering

4. The original movie

4.1. CC licensed movie

4.1.1. Sintel Larger file

4.1.2. Blender Foundation

4.2. Watch the entire movie once

4.3. Communication need

4.3.1. Persuade someone to watch it

4.3.2. Don't take away value