Checking a tax code

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Checking a tax code by Mind Map: Checking a tax code

1. Types of tax code

1.1. Number and suffix L, M, N or T

1.2. Prefix C

1.3. Prefix S

1.4. K codes

1.5. BR, SBR and CBR

1.6. D0, SD0 and CD0

1.7. D1, SD1 and CD1

1.8. SD2

1.9. NT

1.10. 0T, S0T and C0T

1.11. Emergency code

1.12. W1 or M1

2. Why tax codes change

2.1. New tax year

2.2. During a tax year

3. What is a tax code?

3.1. Purpose

3.2. Composition

3.2.1. Number Allowances Benefits Other income Underpayments

3.2.2. Letter

3.2.3. Coding out limits

4. Starting a new job

4.1. With a P45

4.2. Without a P45

5. How to check a tax code

5.1. PAYE coding notice

5.2. Personal tax account

5.3. Payslip

5.4. What to check

6. What to do if a tax code is wrong

6.1. Check how it's been calculated

6.2. Contact HMRC