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Sales by Mind Map: Sales

1. Key Account

1.1. Taikisha

1.2. Goshu Kohsan

1.3. AES Mong Duong

1.4. TCG( dealer)

2. Application

2.1. Chemical Processing

2.2. RO/ DI

2.3. Industrial water treatment

3. Key Products

3.1. Signet

3.2. Double Containment

3.3. Contain It

3.4. Valve

4. Opportunity (SGD250K)

4.1. Replacement competitor valve for AES: ~ SGD10K

4.2. Goshu Kohsan Signet order ~SGD60K

4.3. WE Construction ~SGD30K

4.4. Goshu Kohsan - New product proposed: ~SGD30K: valve & double containment

4.5. TCG's Total Chemical projects: SGD50K

4.6. Taikisha: DC expectation ~SGD30K

4.7. Others: SGD40K

5. Our Value

5.1. Quality: Global leader in plastic piping solution

5.2. Solution: Complete process portfolio

5.3. Benefits for their process: productivity and reliability

6. Challenge

6.1. Time to build up new distributors

6.2. Asahi spec-in piping system for new Japanese project

6.3. Enduser/ Contractor familiar with using low price local PVC and PE pipe

6.4. Time to educate/ present new product benefits to end-user/ contractor