Lecture Capture and educational video

An overview of the issues around lecture capture in HE, with a focus on Panopto.

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Lecture Capture and educational video by Mind Map: Lecture Capture and educational video

1. impact on attendance

1.1. research shows minimal impact

1.2. value of lecture topic

1.3. easier to learn from notes or video?

1.4. student's prior experience of lecturer

1.5. other commitments (eg assignments)

1.6. day/time of lecture (9am?)

1.7. social value of lectures

1.8. engagement

2. institutional policies

2.1. tutor choice and responsibility

2.2. opt-in

2.3. opt-out

2.4. performance management

2.5. industrial action

2.6. intellectual property

2.7. unofficial recordings

3. impact on teaching

3.1. copyright of resources

3.2. use of whiteboards

3.3. movement around room

3.4. students' questions and discussion

3.5. just being recorded

4. student use of recordings

4.1. backup for missed lectures

4.2. revisit difficult topics

4.3. prepare for exams

4.4. learn at their own pace

4.5. take better notes

4.6. students with learning differences

4.7. non-native speakers

5. Panopto for students

5.1. Pause button and Rewind 10s button

5.2. Jump to any point eg. a specific slide

5.3. Faster or slower playback speed

5.4. Make time-stamped notes

5.5. Search for text on slides

5.6. download for offline viewing

6. Panopto for tutors

6.1. non-destructive trim and cut edits if required

6.2. record in your office, at home or on location (inc. offline)

6.3. include extra resources eg. PDF

6.4. add quiz questions

6.5. add web links, YouTube videos, clips

7. educational effects

7.1. no significant impact on grades

7.2. multiple modes of learning

7.3. reduction in anxiety

7.4. benefits for active learners who also attend lectures

8. Panopto for assessment

8.1. often used to record student presentations for review by external examiners

8.2. potential for peer review or tutor feedback

8.3. students can record using Panopto on Mac, PC or iOS app

8.4. students can upload video from other sources

8.5. students can submit video assignments only visible to themselves and tutors

8.6. tutors can add time-stamped feedback comments

9. not just lectures

9.1. guidance on assignments etc.

9.2. feedback on assignments

9.3. short pre- or post-lecture summaries

9.4. lab experiments or processes

9.5. conversations and interviews

9.6. how to use software or systems

9.7. guided web tours

9.8. webinars (recorded)

9.9. narrated PowerPoints etc.