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Shopping: useful words & phrases by Mind Map: Shopping: useful words & phrases
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Shopping: useful words & phrases

3. Asking for things

Do you sell ...?

Have you got ...

I need ...

Do you have any…?

I wonder if you could help me…?

I'm looking for…

Where can I buy | get | find ...?

1. What the shop assistant might ask you when you enter the shop

(How) Can I help you?

What can I do for you?

Are you being served?

Are you looking for anything in particular?

2. You only want to look

I'm just looking, thank you.

I'm just browsing, thank you.

4. What the shop assistant could reply

Here you are. | Here you go.

I'm sorry, we don't sell ...

Anything else?

How much | many would you like?

I'm sorry, that's all we have left.

I'm sorry, that's the last one.

I'm sorry, we're out of ...

6. In a clothes | shoe shop - shop assistant

What size do you take?

Would you like to try it | them on?

The ... suits you very well.

The fitting room is over there.

Would another colour do?

5. In a clothes | shoe shop - customer

Have you got this | them in another size | colour?

I don't like it | them.

I'm size ...

It doesn't | They don't fit me.

Is this | Are they made of leather | silk | plastic…?

It's | They're too small | big | wide | tight | expensive.

May I try this | these on, please?

Where can I try this | these on, please?

7. Paying - customer

How much is it | are they?

Can I bring this back if it doesn't fit?

Can I have the receipt, please?

Can I pay in cash?

Could I get a (plastic) bag, please?

Do you accept credit cards?

Does this come with a guarantee?

Is this on sale?

Where is the cash desk?

8. Paying - shop assistant

It's | They are ... euro(s) | pound(s).

Buy two for the price of one.

Here's your change.

I'll take this to the cash desk for you.

It's on offer.

Pay at the cash desk, please.