Gender in the WL Classroom

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Gender in the WL Classroom by Mind Map: Gender in the WL Classroom

1. Visibility of LGBTQ figures

1.1. Images on walls

1.1.1. Safe Space stickers

2. Pronoun options

2.1. Asking students their preference

2.1.1. Researching what speakers of the target language use for gender-neutral pronouns

3. Self-awareness

3.1. What unnecessary gendered words do I use? What options could I switch to?

3.1.1. What more can I do to have a gender-inclusive classroom? How can I add LGBTQ topics and people to the curriculum? How to deal with students who may say ignorant things and could hurt students who identify as non-binary or LGBTQ?

4. Gender expression

4.1. Biological sex/gender ID/gender expression/sexual orientation

5. Lesson plans

5.1. What lessons/activities can be changed to be more inclusive?

5.1.1. How to normalize anything outside of the heteronormative?

6. Challenges

6.1. Student and teacher comfort levels

6.1.1. Religion and traditions of the target cultures can be averse to anything outside of heteronormative

7. School policies

7.1. GSA

7.1.1. Anti-bullying policy includes protections for LGBTQ students