Main Routes to Getting Ready for Big Data & Traceability V4

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Main Routes to Getting Ready for Big Data & Traceability V4 by Mind Map: Main Routes to Getting Ready for Big Data & Traceability V4

1. Knowledge Sharing

1.1. Events & meetings

1.1.1. Matchmaking events (e.g. PIC)

1.1.2. Field visits

1.1.3. Thematic missions

1.2. Training

1.2.1. Webinars

1.3. Good Practice

1.3.1. Networking / Event GP Cluster Value Chains Sectorial workshops

1.3.2. Marketing support GP Dare2Cross Netherlands Food Transilvania Market

1.3.3. Training GP Learn 2 to do 4 Enterpreneurship Discovery of plant value chain course

1.3.4. Prospective GP Cluster Focus Groups Smart Romania Big Data Community

1.3.5. Project stimulation GP AgriFarmLab Labs for Innovation Tuinder Tom Sharing Data Smitz Smart Manufacturing industrial applications Call for Projects EU projects DIVA Glas4.0 Netwerk Smart horticulture

2. Regional Network Systems

2.1. Other ditital or Agriculture 4.0 communities

2.2. Regional Digital innovation Hubs

2.2.1. Demofarms

2.2.2. Business Accelerators / Incubators

2.3. Agriculture 4.0 Communities

2.4. Clusters

2.4.1. Private Research Organisations

2.4.2. Large companies

2.4.3. Public Research Organisations

2.4.4. Small companies Traditional companies Innovative companies

3. Innovation & business Support

3.1. Financial Support

3.1.1. Voucher Projects DIVA CONNSENSYS Sensors4food

3.1.2. Call for innovation projects H2020 SmartAgriHubs Flagship Innovation Experiments

3.2. Expert support

3.2.1. TRACK COSME project Training Live Training Webinars Coaching Mentoring

4. 53 Platforms (foresight)

4.1. Agrifood

4.1.1. Traceability & Big data Working Area1: Value Chain Life Cycle of the Value Chains Working Area2: Smart monitoring of the value chain Working Area3: Incorporating consumer experience in food chain decision making processes Working Area4: Open data, interoperability, data governance & information security, cyber security

4.1.2. Nutritional Ingredients

4.1.3. Consumer involvement in agrifood


4.1.5. Smart sensors for Agrifood Scaling up project: Consensys Scaling up project: Sensors4Food