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1. The beginning of this play is very interesting because it all started with a teacher called 'Galileo Galilei', he had a very crazy theory at that time the planets revolved around the earth but he had a different theory that the planets revolved Around the sun.

1.1. characters: -Galileo Galilei -Calixto -Cosmo -Lidia -Pandora -Hans Lipersey

1.1.1. Cosmo is the perfect student that what to resolve questions and help always the teacher.

1.1.2. Hans is the scientific that likes chalenges.

2. Half the story is about a bad man named Calixto very jealous of Galileo was spying on Galileo’s class and listening to the theory and com at school there was a rule that if he didn’t say it in a book it wasn’t true or if they didn’t have pruevas was also not true then Calixto told the principal named Pandora ela told Galileo that if he did not bring him tests in two days he would be expelled from school otherwise he could.

2.1. Galileo is the one who mad the theory and try to discover new things.

2.1.1. Lidia is the person that always what to be better each time more and more.

3. Finally he had to prove that his theory was true. He at his school had a student very interested in this topic, the student was called Cosmo timbro to explain to him what happened and then timbro the cousin of Cosmo called Lidia she understood the theory and he thought an idea when he saw a magnifying glass Galileo told him we have to see the universe to prove the theory and recalled scientist named Hans Lipersey who helped them create the telescope at the end they saw the universe and took notes but Cosmo discovered that they could do it and took away all the evidence but Lidia had written a copy and they were successful.

3.1. Calixto is the bad person of the story that always is jeleous about Galileo Galilei.

3.1.1. Pandora is just the director.