Histoplasma capsulatum

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Histoplasma capsulatum by Mind Map: Histoplasma capsulatum

1. sample:

1.1. taking a blood sample, bone marrow or a urine. may do imaging tests such as chest x-rays or CT scans of your lungs.They may also collect a sample of fluid from your respiratory tract or perform a tissue biopsy.

2. Direct examination

2.1. lactophenol cotton blue test.

3. Media:

3.1. Sabouraud agar; 1- Mold culture at 25°C 2- Yeast culture at 37°C

4. Macroscpoic

4.1. At 25°C Colonies are slow growing and granular to cottony in appearance. The color is white initially and usually becomes buff brown with age.

4.2. At 37°C Creamy, slowly growing, moist and yeast-like colonies are formed.

5. Microscopy

5.1. 1-hyaline septate hyphae.

5.2. 2-Early growth produces round to pyriform microconidia.

5.3. 3-tuberculate macroconidia.

6. Conformatory tests

6.1. 1- DNA probe (AccuProbe, GenProbe Inc.)

6.2. 2-PCR

6.3. 3- immunoassay

7. treatment

7.1. For some people, the symptoms of histoplasmosis will go away without treatment. Itraconazole is antifungal medication treat severe histoplasmosis in the lungs, treatment can range from 3 months to 1 year.