Learning Theories

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Learning Theories by Mind Map: Learning Theories

1. Cognitive theory

1.1. Thought Development

1.1.1. Thought Leader Inspire Innovate Source of knowledge

2. Paradigm

2.1. Constructivism

2.1.1. Construct ICT Knowledge Develop ICT Knowledge Application of ICT Knowledge

2.2. Pragmatism

2.2.1. Contexualization of ICT Knowledge Application of ICT Knowledge Softwares

2.2.2. Set goals

2.2.3. Write quality content

2.2.4. Demonstrate credibility

2.2.5. Be a resource

2.3. Positivism

2.3.1. Single truth Lack of ICT Education

3. Epistemology

3.1. Measure reality

3.1.1. Assessment tools Curriculum differentiation One test all cognitive levels Summative Formative

4. Co-operative learning theory

4.1. Community of practice

4.1.1. Affordance Collaboration Teamwork

5. Instructivism