Business Organization and Environment

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Business Organization and Environment by Mind Map: Business Organization and Environment

1. Terciary sector

2. Concepts

2.1. Definitions

2.1.1. Inputs Type Human Physical Financial Enterprise Proportion Labor intense Capital intense

2.1.2. Quaternary sector Secondary sector

2.1.3. Outputs Products Primary sector Services

2.1.4. Public Private Partnerships (PPP()

3. Types

3.1. Commercial (For profit)

3.1.1. Sole Traders

3.1.2. Partneships

3.1.3. Companies

3.1.4. Corporations

3.2. Social

3.2.1. For Profit Cooperatives Micro Financiers

3.2.2. Non Profit NGOs Charities

4. Functions

4.1. Human Resources

4.2. Marketing

4.3. Finance & Accounting

4.4. Operations

5. Objectives

5.1. Growth (stategies: STEEPLE)

5.1.1. Internal/Organic SWOT ANALYSIS Defusing Defensive Re-orientation Growth HANSOFF ANALYSIS Diversification Product development Market development Market penetration

5.1.2. External Mergers & Acquisitions Horizontal Vertical Divesification/ Conglomeration Joint ventures Strategic alliances Franchises

5.2. ETHICAL (Corporate Social Responsibility): Stakeholders