Customer Portal- Change Password

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Customer Portal- Change Password by Mind Map: Customer Portal- Change Password

1. UI

1.1. Save button color should be green

1.2. in design save button has different color when hover

2. Functionality

2.1. All fields blank

2.1.1. error messages should be correct

2.2. correct current password

2.2.1. system accepts the correct current password

2.2.2. new password same as current password

2.2.3. new password different from current password system accpets user can login with the new password

2.2.4. accepts complicated and max length passwords p`[email protected]#o$r%d^&*()_-+='";:,.<>123

2.3. incorrect current password

2.3.1. 8 char new password matching error message for incorrect username 21642

2.3.2. 8 char passwrord not matching client side error message for password does not match

2.3.3. short matching password error message for short password

2.3.4. short not matching password error message for short password and non matching password

2.3.5. short old password

2.3.6. long old password

2.4. New & Confirm Password

2.4.1. should not accept less than 8 char

2.4.2. should accept any 8 characrters

2.4.3. should match

2.4.4. new and confirm password error message should be displayed without clicking save button

2.4.5. accepts complicated and long passwords p`[email protected]#o$r%d^&*()_-+='";:,.<>123

2.4.6. should not accept above the maximum used in registration(40 characters)

2.5. window

2.5.1. change password opens new window

2.5.2. close window button is working fine

2.5.3. save button is deaactivated till all password fields are filled 21643

2.5.4. your password has changed message dispalyed correctly with x button to close

2.6. Security

2.6.1. password is saved in db Hashed

2.7. Login

2.7.1. customer can login with the new password if it is same as old password

2.7.2. customer can login with the new password if it is different from old password

2.7.3. customer can login with long complicated password

3. Security

3.1. new table PasswordBreachStats

3.1.1. UserId userID of account

3.1.2. Strength will always be 2 based on code weak password value score = <4 good password score = <7 strong password score = >7

3.1.3. NumberofBreaches

3.1.4. AccountCreatedonUTC time account is created

3.1.5. PasswordGeneratedOnUtc time password is created will be updated when password is changed

3.1.6. only log users with weak passwords if user originally has a strong password and changes to a weak one data inserted into table if user originally has a weak password and updates to a strong one do not update passwordgeneratedonutc column