194 - Last Days on Kraken Mare

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194 - Last Days on Kraken Mare by Mind Map: 194 - Last Days on Kraken Mare

1. Discussion Points

1.1. Summary of Topic

1.2. Notes

1.2.1. In Game Information Analysis Notable Figures New Pacific Affiliated SOLSECCENT Affiliated Summary of Entries Cycle of Yugas

1.2.2. Questions Outstanding Inquiries Answered Inquiries Danger of the Pell Probe What is zen-shura? Importance of Names Secret of the Borehole SMILE Pods Duiker Significance SQUIDs

1.2.3. Theories New Swarmers as Krill Updated Information

2. Resources

2.1. Lore in Game

2.1.1. Lore Entries (D2) Book: Last Days of Kraken Mare

2.1.2. Items Armor Legendary

2.1.3. Transcripts Missions D2: Utopia

2.2. Other Information (Out of Game)